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‘Masking Kids Is a Form of Child Abuse,’ Says Moms for America’s Founder

Jul 22, 2021

Masking kids is a form of child abuse - Moms For America

​As the Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus becomes more prevalent in America, government officials are talking about forcing families to send their children to school this fall in masks.

“It’s not healthy, it’s not necessary, and we moms won’t put up with it when schools reopen,” said Moms for America® (momsforamerica.us) founder and President Kimberly Fletcher. “They’re always telling us to ‘follow the science,’ and then they ignore it. Children are at very low risk for either contracting COVID-19 or spreading it, despite all the scare stories. What we need now are commonsense policies.”

So far, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not updated its mask guidance for schools for fall 2021. The agency recommends that schools continue to require “universal and correct use of masks.”

“Strictly interpreted, this means mandatory masking even outside on the playground, though the risk of infection is virtually nonexistent, especially for young children,” Fletcher said. “How can breathing in their own C02 instead of fresh air be healthy?”

In late April in Oregon, high school runner Maggie Williams collapsed while competing in the 800-meter race with a mandated face mask. She gasped for air and then passed out. State officials later relaxed the mandate, saying that athletes could forgo masks if they socially distanced during races.

“Most children are very active, and they breathe hard while playing,” Fletcher, a mother of eight, said. “Artificially constricting their oxygen supply while forcing them to inhale CO2 is a form of child abuse. Moms for America® is ready to help mothers effectively resist these absurd and even dangerous policies.”

Moms want to be empowered to protect their rights, and Moms for America® can tell them how and guide them specifically on what to do.

Moms for America® is also helping moms oppose critical race theory, vaccine mandate, and explicit sex “education.”

As part of its mission, Moms for America® produces a podcast with nationally recognized leaders; and hosts cottage meetings in homes and online during the summer. 

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