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MFA to host culture-changing, pro-life event at the frontlines of battle in New York

Apr 3, 2019

Ashley Bratcher

For such a time as this…

The winds of change are blowing, as mothers everywhere are standing up and pushing back against the cultural shift that would destroy this nation! Nowhere has this been more evident recently than in the pro-life debate. We have witnessed numerous state legislatures attempt to pass horrific abortion bills that would allow for the death of the unborn child… right up to (and in some cases, even after) birth! At the same time, other states have made tremendous pro-life gains, passing measures that would make abortion illegal once a baby’s heartbeat is detected.

Make no mistake, there is a war for our families and our children like never before! That’s why Moms for America is taking their pro-life, pro-liberty, pro-family message straight to the frontlines with the next Mom Talk event in their 2019 series.

Scheduled for April 13th, this highly-anticipated event will feature Ashley Bratcher, star of the new film Unplanned. Ashley will be sharing her own incredible pro-life, “unplanned” story, as well as her experiences making the movie and the unprecedented response to the release of it in theatres nationwide.

Also slated to speak are:

*Noted author and pediatrician Dr. Rosemary Stein

*Rabia Kazan, head of the Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition

*Author and talk show host Rose Tennent

*Rebecca Friedrichs, author Standing Up to Goliath and founder of For Kids & Country

*Pastors and pro-life activists Roy & Carla Smith

*A cameo from Buffalo’s own Jill Kelly!

*and more!

MFA Mom Talks are 15 minute presentations covering a wide range of topics important to Moms… everything from parenting to public policy! The mission with Mom Talks is to give women an opportunity to connect, to mentor and encourage one another, and even share their own story. The event is also live-streamed!

If you like TED Talks you’ll LOVE Mom Talks!

Mom Talks events attract exciting speakers, engaged audiences, and enthusiastic sponsors. Audiences are inspired in powerful ways through each of our events. This movement encourages Moms in their important role as mothers and inspires them as they raise the next generation of world changers.

The Buffalo-area event will be held at Samuel’s Grande Manor in Williamsville. The session is $35 and lunch will be provided. For more information on the event and to register, please visit: www.momtalks.org

Through Mom Talks, Moms for America is promoting the principles of free government, inspiring moms, sharing America’s history and heritage, and shaping our culture one Mom Talk at a time.

Check out our past Mom Talks events on our Mom Talks YouTube Channel:


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