Mom Talks

Mom Talks

If you like TED Talks you’ll LOVE Mom Talks!

Mom Talks are short 15 minute presentations covering all topics related to moms from parenting to public policy because all issues are moms issues. Mom Talks are inspiring moms and shaping our culture one Mom Talk at a time.  You can attend a Mom Talks event in your area by checking our events page. You can view Mom Talks on our YouTube Channel and be inspired wherever you are!

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It’s Time for A Little Mommy Sense!

Join our president and founder, Kimberly Fletcher, On the Homefront where she discusses issues of the day, timeless truths of yesterday, and how it all impacts you and your family. Great guests, timely topics, a little fun, a dose of inspiration and a whole lot of Mommy Sense! Show airs Noon Central Saturdays and Sundays on the Answer Omaha.

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