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Moms for America Calls for National Parents Strike over Virus Mandates

Oct 4, 2021

I Will Not Co-parent with the Government - Moms For America

“We Will Not Co-Parent with the Government”

The founder of Moms for America is calling for a national parents strike to protest “the continued public school mask mandates” and other “encroachments on our freedoms.”

“The only recourse left is for parents to strike!” said Kimberly Fletcher in a press release Thursday, linking to the strike campaign page of the website for the organization of 500,000 “moms” in all 50 states.

Fletcher continued:

We have heard from moms across the country who are frustrated and angry with the continued public school mask mandates and encroachments on our freedoms. We will no longer be ignored. We have little to no legal recourse when courts do not abide the Constitution. We have political recourse but that is months away and we need action now.

The call for the strike began August 19, Fletcher said.

“We entrust our children to the schools and that trust has been broken,” she stated. “Until it is restored and our demands met, we will keep our children home.”

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Article by Dr. Susan Berry

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