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Moms for America Fight For Liberty

Oct 1, 2023

Moms for America Fight for Liberty - Moms for America Media & News

Moms for America share their mission to fight for liberty and truth by raising patriotic children at the Texas Youth Summit.

Turning Point USA and The Texas Youth Summit Foundation are pleased to announce a successful 2023 Texas Youth Summit. We were honored to hear from guests including Donald Trump, Jr., Riley Gaines Barker, Charlie Kirk, Christian Collins, Senator Ted Cruz, Yeonmi Park, Abby Johnson, Chad Robichaux, Savanah Hernandez, Michael Seifert, Lily Kate, Alexandra Mealer, Jaco Booyens, State Senator Brandon Creighton, Congresswoman Mayra Flores, State Representative Steve Toth, Jessica Hart Steinmann, Kenny Webster, Charles Blain and many more. Attendees were able to enjoy learning from these speakers who influence the conservative movement through sessions, panel discussions, and interactive question and answer sessions.

The 2023 Texas Youth Summit occurred on September 29th and 30th at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center. As he reflects on the event, Texas Youth Summit founder Christian Collins states, “This year’s 2023 Texas Youth Summit was the biggest and best ever. We are doing the heavy lifting to educate youth and young adults on Judeo-Christian and Conservative values. The youth came to the conference hungry to learn how they could make a difference in some meaningful way and left inspired, encouraged, and equipped to fight the good fight to save Texas and save America.” 

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