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Moms for America Groups
give moms the opportunity to unite within their own communities.

Moms for America Groups create community connections that nurture liberty, empower moms, and strengthen families. If women meet weekly or once a month, by the end of a year they will have more knowledge and understanding of the Constitution and the principles of liberty than most elected officials, judges, and lawyers in America… and we have anecdotal evidence to prove it!

What Inspires You?

Moms will begin by getting together and creating a discussion group, and there is no specific way that is the “right way” to create your meetings. You and your group will have the best insight into the types of activities, and information that will inspire you. For that reason, Moms For America will provide various resources that your group can read and choose from.

Whatever resources inspire you, or that you feel inspired to share, is what you should use within your group. When you find what is right for you, it will naturally be evident when you present it to the group, and then they will be inspired as well.

By using the Moms for America resources, relatable examples and personal experiences, moms will learn the principles and values of liberty in a way that instantly resonates with them.

Ideas for Four Moms for America Groups

Moms For America - Cottage Meetings

Cottage Meetings

MomForce - Engaging with Your School District

Empower Moms

Moms For America - MomiU

Restoring Patriotism

We provide the guidance and resources, but how you utilize them in your Moms for America Group meetings is completely up to you!

Getting Started & Communicating With Your Moms for America Group

MomLinks - Step 1 - Get Connected!

Interested in joining or starting a Moms for America Group? Connect with our Moms for America Group manager by filling out the Getting Started form, and we will be there to help you get started. New Moms for America Groups are starting everywhere and if we don’t have one near you, we can give you the help and encouragement you need to start one.

MomLinks - Step 2 - Get Organized!

The beauty of Moms for America Groups is that they can begin simply – with you and your circle of friends. Group leaders may consider starting a Facebook group or use other social media. It is a convenient way to send your group meeting reminders, share information, advertise events and communicate with each other. You can also designate your group as “private” if you prefer, so only those in your group can participate.

When determining the day and time of your first meeting, choose the time you think will be most convenient to everyone. Those who can come, will, and then during this first meeting you can all decide as a group the best day and time to meet in the future. Having a scheduled date everyone can count on will help keep the attendance and participation consistent.


We’re Your Support Team

It is our goal to do everything we can to make your experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. You are not just leading meetings, you are the leader of your group and as such, the designated point of contact for Moms for America. This gives you direct access to our support team to help make your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


How Much Time is Involved?

How much time is involved and how often you meet, is really up to you as the Moms for America Group leader, and the availability of your group. Every group will be unique. Meetings should be kept to about 1 to 1 ½ hours unless you are showing a film. Just make sure your group is informed so they can plan accordingly. Cottage Meeting Projects and Family Lobby Groups will probably need to meet longer because of the way they are designed. Two to four hours is probably a good average for these types of groups.

Most of all, enjoy the experience. You will make many friendships and build a foundation of freedom that will linger in your heart and home and bless this nation for years to come.

Is There a Cost to Start Up a Moms for America Group?

No, there is no cost to start up a Moms for America Group! However, there might be resources that you would like to purchase to enhance your group’s learning experience. For example, the Cottage Meeting Project has a resource guide that could be purchased, and a Leaders Hostess Kit that is recommended. Store discounts are available for group leaders.


Are There Specific Guidelines to Follow?

When leading a Moms for America Group, you are free to follow any format, organization style, or meeting schedule that fits the needs of your group. Moms for America will provide more information to help you once you have started your group. If you have any questions please contact the Membership and Education Manager.

If you are engaging in a Cottage Meeting Presentation with your group, we require that you only use approved resources and materials designated by the board and staff of Moms for America. This not only protects the integrity of the project, it also saves the leader a great deal of research time. There is a Leaders Resource Portal with a wide variety of resources to inspire you.

“More than ever before we need women of faith, virtue, patriotism, and charity. We need women who will defend and protect the family at all costs. We don’t need women who want to be like men, sound like men, or act like men. We need women who rejoice in their womanhood know their divine nature, their value, and their eternal destiny. Above all, we need women who will stand up for truth and righteousness and decry evil at every turn! “

– Kimberly Fletcher, President – Moms For America®