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Noted Pediatrician and Author Dr. Rosemary Stein joins Moms for America Advisory Board

Apr 2, 2019

Dr. Rosemary Stein

The MFA Advisory Board is comprised of amazing women from around the country who represent the beating heart of America… America’s Moms! These outstanding leaders and mentors serve in an advisory capacity to the organization, as well as helping promote the MFA platform and social media to the mothers in their own networks.

We are excited to highlight one of the original members of this board, Dr. Rosemary Fernandez Stein. A recognized national expert in parenting, “Dr. Rose” has spent more than 20 years in pediatrics studying children’s growth and development. Her book, “Who Needs a Village? It’s a Mom Thing”, centers on her belief that it doesn’t take a village to raise a child – it takes engaged parents.

Dr. Stein’s central idea, detailed in her book, is that modern parenting is creating generations of children lacking the confidence and skills needed to succeed in the real world. She encourages moms with the things they need to do to get their kids back on track. She believes, as do we, that there is no job more important than being a mom!

Says Stein: “Moms, together we can Save America One Child at a Time! Because when it comes to Making America Great Again, It’s a Mom Thing!”

Raised in both the United States and the Dominican Republic, and educated in Canada, Dr. Stein brings a unique cross-cultural perspective to her work. A highly-regarded expert in childhood development, she serves on the executive committee of the North Carolina Smart Start board, which sets policy on young child-related issues.

Dr. Stein travels the nation speaking to parents, especially young moms, about their vital role and has frequently been asked by Dr. Ben Carson to speak and panel at events for his Carson Scholars Foundation. We are thrilled she will be joining us as a speaker in our upcoming Mom Talk set for April 13 in Buffalo, New York. Read more about this highly anticipated event here: https://momsforamerica.us/buffalo-new-york


Written by Provincia