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Old Glory Will Still Wave

Oct 30, 2020

Old Glory Will Still Wave - MFA Media & News

I (Kimberly Fletcher) wrote this song with Tim Johnson following 911. The first line of the song is “Oh yes, this may be our darkest hour.” Back then I thought that was our darkest hour but the events of this have made it clear that this is our darkest hour. Following 911 we came together as a nation, as a people, now we are tearing each other apart.

The words of Julia Jackson following the shooting of son left a lasting impression with me. She did not support the subsequent riots and destruction in Kenosha and called on Americans to be united. I was further impressed by her Pastor, James Ward, who started a 40 Day prayer for our nation. This is our darkest hour but it is the light of Christ and the influence of this mother that led to this video. If it moves you as much as Julia’s words did me, please share.

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