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Moms for America Press Release

Moms for America to Parents Across the Country:

“Remove Your Children from Public School Immediately”

Like never before in history, parents are sparring with teachers’ unions and government mandates that aim to interfere with a parents’ right to make decisions regarding the education, health and general upbringing of their children.

Parents Strike!

The teacher’s union has demonstrated their power to parents and school districts by going on strike.  Teachers stay home or rally at the capitol steps while school children sit at home without instruction. Your school districts receive money for each child in attendance. If we want them to listen to us, to recognize our fundamental rights as parents, then we need to exercise those rights. 

What Can Parents Do to Protect Their Children?

Parents across America are organizing and making their voices heard in their communities. Two women have joined forces to form the National Parents Union so families could have a greater say in their children’s education. In Minnesota a law firm has filed complaints and lawsuits on behalf of parents who “seek an end to the ‘official’ propagandizing of Critical Race Theory and the bullying and retaliation which accompany it.”  Mothers are joining forces to consistently have a presence at all school board meetings to ensure that their voices are not ignored.

All of these efforts are significant, but they take time.  We need immediate action to curtail the leftist agenda in our schools and protect our children right now. So, what can we as parents do to protect our children?


Where to Start?

There are many supports and resources to help you. We have provided many for you. We recommend the following steps to provide the best opportunities for your children and protection for your family.

  1. Become a member of Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). This is an exceptional organization that provides information on homeschool laws in your state and what you need to do to legally homeschool in your state. They also provide legal assistance if you have any issues with the local school or government. HSLDA provides personalized guidance, information, resources, and legal protection. And it’s just $125.00 a year! Imagine, a full legal team at your disposal for $125.00. You can join at https://hslda.org/join
  2. Register to Homeschool. To protect your family and your children, we strongly recommend you register to homeschool no matter how you plan to teach your children during while you Strike. This is the best protection against any bullying, intimidation, or legal action the school district or teachers’ unions may try to use against you. Every state is different so you will need to read through the laws for your own state.  HSLDA provides the laws for all 50 states at the following link.  Homeschool Laws By State (hslda.org) We strongly recommend you explore the HSLDA website to learn more about homeschooling and the freedom to choose and guide your children’s educational experience.  There is a great video and information on getting started with homeschooling at the following link Get Started (hslda.org)
  1. Visit Public School Exit. PublicSchoolExit.com There is an enormous amount of information and support found on the Public School Exit website from educational options to parent support. Many parents feel “unqualified” or “inadequate” to teach their children. That is because we look at public school and think that is what we have to do. Public schools have become a factory model that is ineffective so why would we be duplicating it? That is not what homeschooling is. Homeschooling simply means you guide the education of your children. It is individual for each family and each child. PublicSchoolExit.com provides an abundance of ideas from parent-share co-ops to micro schools. Homeschooling allows you to be creative, customize your student’s work to their needs and focus on the areas you feel are most important for their moral and intellectual development.
  2. Connect with Other Parents. The absolute most important part of taking control of your children’s education is connecting with other parents. Connecting with other parents opens a whole world of shared ideas, resources, and support. Weekly Co-op days are a great way to connect with other children and participate in larger group activities. You could unite with other parents and share the cost of a tutor, collaborate on activity days, and share curriculum to reduce expense. Connecting wither other parents provides support and encouragement and there are plenty of seasoned homeschool moms more than willing to mentor new parents to the experience.

“The liberty of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children is a fundamental right.”

– Section 1 of the proposed Parental Rights Amendment currently in the U.S. Senate. –
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It’s time we show our power as parents and bring our children home.

Moms for America® Can Help

Schooling your children at home can sound daunting and overwhelming but there are steps that can be taken to make this manageable. In fact, now more than ever, there are many resources available to help you with your curriculum – classical studies that focus on reading, writing, real science, traditional math instruction, and accurate history.

What’s Happening In Your Schools

Social and Emotional Learning – SEL

This concept was founded by the author of “Emotional Intelligence”. It sounds harmless with explanations such as to “apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions and achieve personal and collective goals,”, however groups like CZI, (Mark Zuckerberg’s philanthropy group) are pushing a frightening version of SEL that teaches children to obsess about their race and their gender identities. You may have heard in the news of classroom surveys that were introduced by teachers by instructing their students not to talk to their parents about the survey’s inappropriate questions.


Mask and Vaccine Mandates

Doctors and experts are sounding off about the risks of masking children. Many of these doctors who have repeatedly stated that masking children is unnecessary and causes more harm than good have been censored by major media networks and social media. Governors are beginning to take a stand and advocate for their state’s children.  “DeSantis said at a press conference where he signed the executive order that “the federal government has no right to tell parents that in order for their kids to attend school in person, they must be forced to wear a mask all day, every day.”

Parents, doctors and lawmakers are pushing back against calls for mandated vaccinations. When authorities start treating the covid-19 vaccine as though it was a routine immunization, parents have the right to push back. This vaccine is not the same as small pox, rubella and other vaccinations. Many doctors question the need for the young to be vaccinated when the risk to the younger population is relatively small.

Singling out students who are not vaccinated may also be a plan in your school district. Forcing unvaccinated students to wear masks is another means to separate the population into groups and cause pressure on the student to push their parents for the vaccine.


Comprehensive Sex Education

Some of the most abhorrent curriculum being introduced in public schools is the push for explicit sexual images and information to be taught starting at the elementary level. Valid concerns from parents and experts familiar with the information warns that it normalizes child sex and depicts children in sexual acts with adults. Most parents do not want their children exposed to this information at all, let alone have their tax dollars fund the perverted sexual indoctrination.

You do not …

have to co-parent with the government!

Parents have …

the divine right, and are the best guides, to instruct and influence their children.

Schooling should …

be about education not indoctrination!

Parents do not …

have to endure bullying and intimidation because they question or express their concerns about mask mandates, vaccination mandates or inappropriate curriculum.

A Move Back to Classical Education

Parents long for the classical education in the liberal arts tradition. Lessons that develop critical thinkers who could debate ideas and developed a love for learning.  This kind of education is still available. Parents are teaching it to their children at home with the help of resources available in online classes, in many books that guide parents to develop their own curriculum and multiple sources for complete classical and/or Christian based curriculum. There’s a plethora of resources to support you and you are not alone. Exercise your fundamental rights as parents.  Say no to government schools and take back control of your children’s education.

Sam Sorbo “School’s Out” TV Series Epoch TV

We highly, highly recommend you watch this riveting series by actress, author, and homeschool advocate, Sam Sorbo. You need to subscribe to Epoch TV to access it but it is only $49 a year and very worth it!

Hearthstone Education Plan

The proven heart-based, student-centered, parent-guided model that will ignite a love of learning in the hearts of your children

Thomas Jefferson Education

The premiere leadership education resource chocked full of stories, audios, videos, booklists and even mentoring.  We also highly recommend the book A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille.

Homeschool Moms2Moms

A great resource to start you on the road to homeschool with confidence. Full of videos, information, and ideas from seasoned homeschool parents.

Parents Defending Education

A national grassroots organization working to reclaim our schools from activists promoting harmful agendas. Through network and coalition building, investigative reporting, litigation, and engagement on local, state, and national policies, we are fighting indoctrination in the classroom – and for the restoration of a healthy, non-political education for our kids.

The Unplanned Homeschooler

This is a fantastic blog created by a mom who never planned to be a homeschooler. Many moms found themselves in that same position during covid lockdowns. This is the journey of one mom, why she went from resistant to persistent homeschooler and what she learned along the way.  She has a great post from 2014 on “How to withdraw from public school.”

Cottage Meeting Project

Creating a powerful foundation of liberty and learning in the hearts of mothers and resources to nurture a love of liberty in the hearts of your children.  The Cottage Meeting Project is available through Moms for America. We also strongly recommend reading the Declaration of Mothers and consider adding your name.

Homeschool Legal Defense Association

The information, support, resources, and legal protection you need to take charge of your children’s education.

Public School Exit

The gateway to all the options available to you and your family when choosing the best education experience for your children.

Parental Rights

A powerful support and resource protecting children and empowering parents.  Full of excellent information on parental rights and how to effectively exercise those rights to protect your children and secure your freedom.

Hillsdale Online Courses

Hillsdale College has a whole bank of online classes suitable for middle and high school children and adults of all ages. These engaging video courses are presented by Hillsdale professors and include studies from Western Civilization to Economics.  Exceptionally well done and highly recommended.

Child and Family Protection

John Adams said, “The foundations of national morality must be laid in private families.” This website takes that statement to heart, providing several articles and information sources on public issues related to your family and how they affect you, your family and our national sovereignty. This is a great resource for discerning parents who want to keep up with public policy that impacts the family.

Let us be sure that those who come after will say of us in our time, that in our time we did everything that could be done. We finished the race; we kept them free; we kept the faith.”
~ Ronald Reagan