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Moms for America Press Release

George Washington Our Founding Father

Moms for America Press Release

George Washington Our Founding Father
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Aug 17, 2022

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Moms for America® Statement on Virginia Department of Education Proposal to Eliminate the Term ‘Founding Father’

Branson, MO – Today, Moms for America® leadership released the following statement in response to the Virginia Department of Education’s proposal to eliminate the term ‘Founding Father’ in reference to George Washington and James Madison, both founding figures of the United States.

“Once again, the government has weaponized its education system to infiltrate our children’s curriculum so that it can promote its leftist agenda,” said Kimberly Fletcher, President of Moms for America. “Its attempt to revise history is disgusting and disgraceful to the men and women who fought so hard to make this country what it is today – a democracy that cherishes liberty and freedom. Without a doubt, our Founding Fathers would not support the kind of action that the left is pushing today, and to smear their names like this is beyond disrespectful.”

“Unfortunately, issues like this are becoming more commonplace today. That is why Moms for America has launched its ‘Restoring Patriotism’ program to teach our kids about America’s history the way it was intended. This program has several resources for parents and kids to learn about our Founding Fathers, important dates in American history, why we recite the National Anthem, and more. Additionally, ‘Restoring Patriotism’ includes travel guides for families that want to visit important historical sites across the United States.”

“We are grateful to Governor Youngkin and his administration for standing up to this nonsense. We are proud to support the movement to preserve our cherished history and to fight the radical left agenda.”

To learn more about Restoring Patriotism, please click here.


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