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Moms for America Press Release

Assault on Teens - Press Release MFA

Moms for America Press Release

Assault on Teens - Press Release MFA
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May 6, 2022

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Moms for America Condemns Oregon Law Requiring Female Sanitary Products in Elementary Boys’ Bathrooms

Branson, MO – Today, Moms for America leadership released the following statement in response to the Oregon state law requiring female sanitary products in all K-12 bathrooms, including male bathrooms.

“This is another attack on our youth from the far left and the transgender movement,” said Deb Kraulidis, Moms for America Vice President. “They are now weaponizing tampons and pads to indoctrinate young boys into changing their genders and submit to ‘gender affirmation’ sickness. This is what Moms for America is fighting against – indoctrination of our children with radical, sexual education. It is time for this madness to stop.

The Oregon government should focus on providing essential services like public safety. It was ground zero for violent riots and millions of dollars of damage to businesses from looting. The government is wasting money on ridiculous programs like this.”

“The radical Oregon legislators claim that they are protecting our children in schools,” said Quisha King, Senior Director at Moms for America. “That could not be further from the truth. This is bizarre and disgusting. Furthermore, kindergartners are being exposed to sanitary products and language at an age that is wildly inappropriate. Those types of discussions should be left for the parents in the comfort of their own home, not the schools.”

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