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Moms for America Press Release

MomVote - Moms for America

Moms for America Press Release

MomVote - Moms for America
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Jul 25, 2022

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Moms for America® Predict Historic Midterm Election After Fox News Poll

Branson, MO – Today, Moms for America® released the following statement in response to the Fox News poll revealing that 60 percent of mothers in the United States are motivated to participate in the midterm elections this November.

“It is not surprising that more than half of the mothers polled by Fox News want to head to the voting booth!” exclaimed Kimberly Fletcher, Moms for America President. “We know that mothers are angry with how this country is being handled by its leaders. From inflation, educational freedom, COVID-19, and more, these issues are at the top of parents’ minds each day as they raise their children and support their families.

Parents are asking themselves each day how they can protect their children from critical race theory and transgenderism, how they can put food on the table each night, and when they can take the masks off their children. We have a message for each mom asking these questions: your voice can be heard at the voting booth in November.

To prepare moms for the upcoming election, we have launched our MomVote initiative to give mothers the tools and resources they need before they head to the voting booth. With MomVote, they will be able to learn how to register to vote, when and where they can vote, and more. We make it easy for mothers to understand the process and be informed of the issues.

Because of MomVote, we predict that this midterm election will have a historic turnout of mothers and fathers at the polls. There are too many issues at stake, and parents have had enough of the left’s failures. Our country deserves to have leaders who will bring back the America First policies of family and patriotic values at the top of their agenda.”

To learn more about MomVote, click here.


For more information or questions, please reach out to Teresa Davis at victory@wtfstrategies.com.