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Moms for America Press Release

2022 Congressional Report Card - Moms for America

Moms for America Press Release

2022 Congressional Report Card - Moms for America
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Sep 9, 2022

CONTACT: Angela Molinaro, angela@momsforamerica.net


Moms for America® To Hold Press Conference Announcing Congressional Report Cards

Branson, MO – Today, Moms for America® legislative arm, Moms for America Action, will be releasing its first-ever Congressional Ratings “Report Card” next week. The report cards will be grading all 535 Members of Congress on critical issues facing the mothers in America.

“We are excited to release our first-ever Congressional Report Card, and are more excited to distribute our Report Card to the hundreds of thousands of mothers who are headed to the polls in a few short months,” said Kimberly Fletcher, Moms for America President. “Moms represent a key voting block, and they are typically responsible for providing for their children’s education, their diets, their healthcare, and their safety.”

The Moms for America Action Report Card examined 20 votes taken by the 116th Congress and ranked U.S. Senators based on 10 key votes.

“Our Report Card pulled no punches,” continued Fletcher. “From Medical Mandates to Mask Mandates, from radical Critical Race Theory to Gender Equality, from the right to keep and bear arms, to School Choice – our 2022 Report Card finds both political parties lacking the will to take necessary steps to protect the interests of America’s moms. We commend the members of congress who received an A on our Moms for America report card. They are putting moms and their families first as they vote to preserve our liberties.”

Passing HR 1319, what we refer to as the “The Crippling Inflation Act” is killing the pocketbooks of mothers of all economic status.

Another vote against Moms was HR 7691, which sent billions of dollars to Ukraine, while America’s moms are struggling to put food on the table and gas in their minivans.

Moms for America will present press statements to Members of Congress who received an A score and higher, and an opportunity to have a photograph with Kimberly Fletcher, President and Founder of Moms for America and Moms for America Action.

The press conference will be held on September 14, 2022 at the Press Triangle on Capitol Hill at 1:30 PM Eastern Time.  You can also Tune in on our facebook page to watch our presentation streamed live from Washington, D.C.

To view the 2022 Congressional Report Card in its entirety, please visit www.MFAaction.com.


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