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Moms for America Press Release

School Board Spring Training Webinars - Empower Moms & Moms for America

Moms for America Press Release

School Board Spring Training Webinars - Empower Moms & Moms for America
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Apr 10, 2023

CONTACT: Kristen Smith, kristen@momsforamerica.net


National Organization Expands Network to Equip and Mentor Parents Who Seek More School Board Engagement

Branson, MOEmpower Moms, a division of Moms for America®, supports liberty-focused candidates and advocates for more parental involvement in public school governance and policy setting. 

Empower Moms is a national educational advocacy organization that focuses on supporting parents. Empower Moms equips moms (and dads) with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively engage with their local school boards and support liberty-focused candidates. Empower Moms also provides mentorship and training to parents who want to run for their local school board, instructing moms (and dads) on school board policy and procedure, as well as parental rights.

Empower Moms partners with Dr. Kelly Kohls, founder, and director of the National School Boards Leadership Council, to provide powerful and impactful mentorship to parents. Dr. Kohls has spent 13 years working with school boards across the nation. In recent years, Dr. Kohls has witnessed a dramatic increase in school boards being solely focused on their own political or ideological agendas instead of successful outcomes for students, parents, and teachers. “When our schools focus on academic success, we all win.” 

Empower Moms achieves success by training and supporting parents each step of the way. Working with Dr. Kohls, Empower Moms has created a 12-step curriculum to educate parents on their rights, the steps to demand better education options for their children, and how to organize with other parents who want the same options in their communities. Empower Moms also partners with FreedomWorks to give parents free access to their School Board Candidate Campaign Training program.

As part of Moms for America, Empower Moms partners with organizations across the nation. Empower Mom is poised to help change the face of school boards across the nation through direct parental involvement, not by the use of political organizations or agendas. To get you energized and involved, we are offering all newly elected school board members  free Spring Training via Zoom on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, and Tuesday, May 23, 2023 at 7:00 pm EDT. If you’re interested in joining the Spring Training, please RSVP by clicking here.


For more information or questions, please reach out to Kristen Smith at kristen@momsforamerica.net.