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The American Heritage Center is an online library of resources made available to the general public by Moms for America. We have searched for the finest resources available that provide information about American History, the U.S. Constitution, and the family – the first level of government. We are seeking out and developing materials that will assist families as they learn about our great country together.

Remember Our Heritage Preserve Our Legacy Secure Our Future

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Explore Endorsed Resources

I Spy a Patriot

Through this unique multimedia, integrated lesson children will understand how to be a patriot. Learning about the earliest patriots in our country will help them recognize the patriots of our time, including the hero’s of 9/11 and the everyday...

The Star Spangled Banner

In this lesson, the symbols of America are easily and beautifully taught through music, math, art, social studies and language arts. Students and families will love to experience the creation of our Star Spangled Banner and understand its...

Stand up for Liberty

The Founding Fathers, the Declaration of Independence, and the liberty of America is illustrated and taught through math, science, literature, and hands on group activities. The monetary anticipatory set will inspire children to recognize the...

A Valentine for America

The historical JKF quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” is used to create the perfect valentine for America. Your students will learn how Abraham Lincoln united our country when her heart was...

You Can Change the World

“The Boy Who Changed the World”, by Andy Andrews reminds educators and families of their personal worth and valuable roles they play in our world. The easy to read, prepare, and instruct imagery brings a whole new level of learning into the...

Welcome to Liberty Kids-The Great American Experience!

Parents and teachers have the important responsibility of helping children reach their potential. The Great American Experience is a resource to help inspire and establish patterns and habits necessary in becoming your best self. These attributes...

The Hearthstone Education Plan

The Hearthstone Education Plan
has been developed as a home education guide for families by HomeMakers for America. It is a resource for parents to guide them through a K-12 education program for their children. The resources available on...

Prelude to Glory Series

by Ron Carter

This is my most favorite series of Historic Fiction on the Revolution. The characters come to life as they take you back in time to the events of the time, places, and families of the American Revolution. This is...