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The American Heritage Center is an online library of resources made available to the general public by Moms for America. We have searched for the finest resources available that provide information about American History, the U.S. Constitution, and the family – the first level of government. We are seeking out and developing materials that will assist families as they learn about our great country together.

Remember Our Heritage Preserve Our Legacy Secure Our Future

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Explore Endorsed Resources

America’s Christian History and Government

A Providential History Series for the Home and School , that the boys and girls of the 21st Century might remember the mighty works of God in bringing forth this nation.

Documents of Freedom

Documents of Freedom: History, Government and Economics through Primary Sources.

Free online course for American History, Government and Economics from the Bill of Rights Institute. Excellent course that is appropriate for...

Learning with the Movies

Learning with the Movies: A Guide for Education and Fun - by Beth Holland

Learning with the Movies includes a listing of cinema movies and made-for-TV movies. The beauty of this guide is that all the movies are...

The Family Guide to Classic Movies

Looking for family entertainment that movie lovers of all ages can enjoy together?

The Family Guide to Classic Movies is a one-of-a-kind guide to over 500 of Hollywood's BEST classic movies from the major studios: Disney, MGM,...

American Heritage History Series

Discover the forgotten and astonishing story of our nation’s foundation in the American Heritage Series. For centuries, Americans were taught a truthful view of history that recognized the Godly heroes and moral foundation our nation was founded...

Let the Authors Speak

Let the Authors Speak: A Guide to Worthy Books Based on Historical Setting by Carolyn Hatcher

Patriot's Reading List

Free copy of a great list of historical books sorted by age and category that has been prepared by Kimberly Fletcher.

Turning Back the Pages of Time

Turning Back the Pages of Time – A Guide to American History Through Literature by Kathy Keller.