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The American Heritage Center is an online library of resources made available to the general public by Moms for America. We have searched for the finest resources available that provide information about American History, the U.S. Constitution, and the family – the first level of government. We are seeking out and developing materials that will assist families as they learn about our great country together.

Remember Our Heritage Preserve Our Legacy Secure Our Future

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Explore Endorsed Resources

Unlikely Heroes

by Ron Carter

It has been said that the true definition of a hero is someone who is just an ordinary person who did extraordinary things. But the true nature of a hero, is why they did it at all. A hero is someone who believes in...

The Tuttle Twins

by Connor Boyack

Each year, hundreds of millions of children are spoon-fed false history, bad economics, and logical fallacies. Your child is not immune . Well meaning parents have long desired a way to inoculate their children...

Seven Miracles that Saved America

by Chris Stewart and Ted Stewart

“When the odds were stacked against us — and there have been many times when the great experiment we call America could have and should have failed — did God intervene to save us?” That question,...

Patriots in Petticoats

by Patricia Edwards Clyne

This is another one of my all-time favorites. My children and I thoroughly enjoyed the stories of the women that contributed so much and sacrificed so much for the dream of freedom and founding of our...

American History Stories

by Mara L. Pratt

This book is an American child’s masterpiece. It is a book that was written in the late 1800’s for school children. Each story is just two to three pages, written very simply so young children can read them. But...

Story Bible

From Libraries of Hope

The format of the Story Bible was inspired by the recommendations of 19th Century British educator, Charlotte Mason. Its unique feature among children's Bibles is the retention of the language of the King James...

The Light and the Glory & The Light and the Glory for Children

by Peter Marshall

This was one of the first treasures I found when I began teaching American Heritage over ten years ago and it still one of my most favorite books. There are two sets of books —one for adults and one for children with...

Forgotten American Stories: Celebrating America's Constitution

by Lydia Wallace Nuttall

​These one-page stories of the birth of our nation will help strengthen families and youth, our nation, and our world.

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