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The American Heritage Center is an online library of resources made available to the general public by Moms for America. We have searched for the finest resources available that provide information about American History, the U.S. Constitution, and the family – the first level of government. We are seeking out and developing materials that will assist families as they learn about our great country together.

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PornProof Kids

No matter how diligent or well-intentioned parents are, their kids are going to be exposed to pornography. A home’s computers and even the router may be filtered, but once that child leaves the home (to go to school, community activities or even to...

Love, Laughter, and Limits

Love, Laughter, and Limits (LLL) teaches you practical ways to be a warm, positive, and happy parent. But it works because it is based on extensive research. What makes LLL unique is that it is based on both the fundamental research in the...

Arbinger Institute

In the 1970s, a team of scholars led by philosopher C. Terry Warner embarked on an exploration into a core problem at the heart of the human sciences—the “problem of self-deception.” The research explored how we end up creating and sustaining...

Teaching Self-Government

Nothing speaks for Parenting Self-Government better than success stories. Many parents will tell you how Parenting Self-Government has transformed their homes, family members, and their own lives. They’ll tell you how simple Parenting Self-...

Mother’s Day and the Unique Sacrifice of the Female

By Denise Noe

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, it is worthwhile to consider the extraordinary debt that all human beings of both genders owe to the human female.

Reproduction is one of the few areas in which...

The Powerful Influence of Mothers

Article: The Powerful Influence of Mothers
by Kimberly Fletcher

Mothers the Last Best Hope of America

Article: Mothers the Last Best Hope of America
by Kimberly Fletcher

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