Moms for America Returns to the Border to Speak with Residents about Illegal Immigration

Moms at the US border

Recently, the city of El Paso has been the center of much discussion regarding border security. Moms for America traveled to the Texas town this week to speak with local residents about effective barriers to illegal immigration, and to hear what President Trump had to say about necessary funding for a border wall.

Moms Across the Nation Question the Congressional “Women in White” Delegation:

The united states with the flag overlaying it

“Why wouldn’t you stand for LIFE?”

The display put on last night by a large number of Congressional women was truly appalling. Under the guise of honoring the suffragette movement, the women displayed a loyalty to party over loyalty to the American people.

"These women were elected to stand on their own two feet and represent the best interests of their constituents in their districts," said Moms for America President Kimberly Fletcher. "Instead, they displayed a blind loyalty to party over the interests of the American people."

Bill Introduced to Protect Infants Born During Abortion Procedures

image of a baby

Washington, D.C. -- Responding to Gov. Ralph Northam’s (D-VA) comments supporting abortion even after a baby is born, and New York’s passage of a radical and extreme abortion bill, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) this week introduced the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. This bill would protect babies from partial birth abortion and abortion after birth, as Gov.

Speakers announced for "SOTU by American Moms" Press Conference

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Karen Vaughn

Gold Star Mom & Moms for America Vice President

Karen Vaughn

Karen Vaughn is the mother of fallen US Navy SEAL, Aaron Carson Vaughn (SEAL Team VI). On August 6, 2011 Aaron was killed in action in the Tangi River Valley of Afghanistan when a chopper (call sign Extortion 17) carrying thirty Americans was shot from the sky while rushing into battle. Losing Aaron changed everything...and put Karen on a new path.

Moms for America to host inaugural SOTU Address by America’s Moms this Tuesday

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Washington, D.C.-- In lieu of the President’s postponement of his SOTU Address...

Moms for America will host its inaugural “SOTU Address by America’s Moms" on Tuesday, Jan 29th at 5pm in the Phyllis Schlafly Center in Washington, D.C.

The event will also be live-streamed from our Facebook page: Moms March for America.

Women’s March Shrinks as Movement to #BeTheLight Grows

OMAHA-The Women’s March--shrouded in a cloud of controversy for its promotion of hate, exclusion of certain groups of women, and refusal by its leaders to denounce their connection to anti-Semitic leaders--attracted less than one-fifth of the participants it did two years ago, forcing a last-minute venue change to a smaller location. The far-left’s strident anti-family movement is divided and imploding -- as it deserves. 

Breaking News: Moms for America Called to the Frontlines of the Battle for a Secure Border

Moms For America Caravan

The debate about properly securing our border has Congress deadlocked and the government stalled--now into a fourth week of a partial shutdown. The President has addressed the crisis and again called for funding for a barrier in order to secure our border. 

This is a defining moment in our nation’s history, make no mistake. Will our legislators put partisan politics aside and act decisively to end this crisis? Americans deserve answers and we demand action.