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4 Steps to Protect Your Family - Weekly Newsletter - Moms for America

MFA Weekly Newsletter

4 Steps to Protect Your Family - Weekly Newsletter - Moms for America
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Sep 17, 2023

4 Steps to Protect Your Family from the New COVID Pandemic Craze

2020 called. It wants its frenzied government/media-fueled maniacal control freak overreach back.

Seriously, it’s 2023.

COVID’s still around, but we’d like to think we’ve learned a few things since then.

Eerily dystopian high-pressure tactics pushing people to multiple jabs and boosters for the virus are so last year – and the year before.

We’re not saying you can’t or shouldn’t have a vaccine if you want to – we think it’s a decision you should make with your doctor. We’re just over government bureaucrats imposing them on people with false promises, false guilt, and sometimes even non-reliable data.1 Then, when typical medical protocols would discourage unproven vaccines for children – the US government forged ahead with ad campaigns and pressure for children as young as six months to get a COVID vaccine – when the risk to healthy kids is minuscule.2

So, yeah, we’re over it. Let freedom ring!

Now there’s a new variant, with a bright, shiny, new vaccine, just in time for an upcoming election season, not that we are suspicious.

The most recently talked about variant, BA.2.86 or “Pirola,” has become all the rage as mainstream media seems to breathlessly call for a return to the good old days of 2020. Masks, mandates, and forced protocols sprinkled with a strong dose of censorship. You can almost see their eyes misting up at the thought.

Then, there was strangling control of social media. Schlubs like you and I, who posted a thought about whether to take the vaccine or wondering if Ivermectin was valuable for treatment, found ourselves on an even playing field with accomplished medical professionals who dared ask similar questions. Any element posted outside the lock-step protocols that every American must adhere to could land you in Facebook jail. I don’t miss 2020, do you?

So many conspiracy theories have been proven true. Here are a few as a quick reminder:

COVID-19 Origins:

2020: The virus came from bats in a wet market. If you disagree, then you are xenophobic and a conspiracy theorist.

2023: The virus is now largely believed to have originated in the Wuhan Institute for Virology. It was a laboratory studying coronaviruses – who would’ve thought? Recently, the original first three cases were identified as individuals who worked in that lab.3


2020: Dr. Fauci told us masks don’t work, so don’t buy them. A few months later, he changed his mind, telling us we MUST mask up – inside, outside, upside down. Mask in the park, at the store, at home, in school, in the car – and wherever you go. He offered extra credit for double masking.

2023: Some population studies were published contending that masking didn’t help. Senator JD Vance proposed the Freedom to Breathe Act legislatively expressing the feelings of millions nationwide who don’t plan to return to masking.4 Meanwhile, in other camps, the idea of masking again is being bandied about.


2020: The Vaccine is touted as the best and only remedy or preventative measure for Covid-19. Doctors were silenced in their attempts to recommend any treatment protocols outside governmental (CDC) dictates.5

2021: Vaccines begin to reveal that they are ineffective at preventing many strains – but the government still pushes hard for vaccines and boosters.

2022: Vaccine injuries are rising, becoming more recognized as the narrative remains the same – vaccines and boosters for all in the US. At the same time, other nations have begun to pull back on their vaccine recommendations, some even going to high-risk and elderly only.

2023: A wide variety of relatively frequent vaccine injuries and the jab’s inefficacy becomes more widely known as word seeps through the information lockdown to the general public.6 Still, the government adds COVID-19 vaccines for infants through five-year-olds against standard medical protocols and common sense.

And now, this fall, a brand-new vaccine is being rolled out like an A-list actor to the clicks of paparazzi cameras at a Hollywood movie premier.

“This one works,” they claim.

Meanwhile, Pirola has appeared in a relatively small number worldwide – think dozens, not hundreds.7 Could that change? Perhaps. Does that mean a return to lockdowns and mask mandates? That is up to you.

These comments are not meant to denigrate the seriousness of the pandemic we suffered together across the globe. It’s merely our way of pointing out that we can do better. Court cases, stealthy research, and brave reporters (a few) are beginning to leak the information needed to understand what our partisan mainstream media tried to hide. So, when the “ministry of truth” comes calling again, you must consider four steps to protect your family from the new COVID pandemic craze.

Step One: Consider the Source When You are Presented with “Facts”

It’s easy to hear something repeatedly, eventually believing it is true. We are wired to respond to that sort of repetition, and that’s what those determined to control thought in America are counting on. The media says over and over that something is “Russian disinformation,” and finally, people buy in without question. When it comes to the health of your family, mamas, we encourage you to talk to your physician to look at videos, data, and content from various sources.

Just this week, the Missouri v. Biden case was decided in favor of the plaintiffs, a significant blow landed against government overreach. Judge Terry Doughty said the case “arguably involves the most massive attack against free speech in United States’ history.” 8

The President has been found guilty of using government officials and agencies to pressure social media entities to censor people for protected free speech regarding COVID-19 origin theories and treatments, masking, the election, and more – even parodies and critiques of the administration’s many blunders. It was free speech, but the big guy and his minions threw their weight around, and suddenly, the First Amendment wasn’t a thing anymore (at least for Conservatives).

In an article published by Fox News and Heritage.org, they described the Biden administration’s efforts this way: “The result was the suppression of “millions of protected free speech postings by American citizens.” (Judge)Doughty concluded that “substantial evidence” of the government’s extensive, widespread, coercive behavior “depicts an almost dystopian scenario” in which the “United States Government seems to have assumed a role similar to an Orwellian’ Ministry of Truth.'” Or perhaps similar to the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.”

This week’s podcast guest, author, and former Democratic advisor, Naomi Wolf, took a deep dive into the Pfizer papers that were finally made public. She assembled a team to undertake a massive research effort – the results are nothing short of astonishing and included some shocking revelations about the vaccines’ effect on women’s health. Don’t miss our captivating conversation with her.

Step Two: Focus on YOUR Family and What’s Best for Them

Once you’ve dug for actual facts, don’t let anyone tell you what’s best for your children and yourself. As moms, you stand between your family and government overreach. It’s time to take our rightful place as the guardians of our kids.

Do you want your kids masking again? Many of us complied and watched our children languish, unable to communicate well with friends – breathing through a dirty piece of fabric and longing to see faces again. We can’t let schools dictate anymore. They seem to be getting – what we used to call – “too big for their britches,” thinking they have the right to gender-transition our kids, invite drag queens to school, push COVID vaccinations as a virtue, and so much more. But rest assured, mamas, if your child needs a Tylenol, they’ll call to get your permission first.

Now is the time to stand our ground to protect the next generation of this great nation. Consider alternatives if you can’t abide what’s happening to your kids in school. It can be a huge transition to do something different, like homeschooling or private school – but your children are worth it!

Step Three: Enact Your Own Prevention Protocol

So much good information is coming out about the value and extreme benefits of simple things like Vitamin D, exercise, eating right, and hydrating. These are too simple to be promoted by drug companies and our government, and it makes us wonder if there’s some monetary reason that the accepted approach to COVID-19 is vaccines, and vaccines only.

There’s a fascinating YouTube channel of Dr. John Campbell, a British physician who uses complex data to share extensively about COVID-19, the vaccines, what worked, what didn’t, and a very informative data-driven look at the value of Vitamin D and K in disease prevention.9 (His presentations aren’t high-tech or flashy, but if you listen carefully, you’ll hear a sarcastic note here and there as he dodges YouTube censors.)

What can you do as a family to step up your prevention game? Once you’ve researched (and spoken with your doctor), enact your own prevention protocols to guard against disease and create life-long healthy habits for your family.

Step Four: Speak Up and Don’t Stop

As court decisions and several awakening media sources create a degree of pushback for the government’s censorship, it’s time to speak up again. It’s time for freedom-loving Americans to be heard once again.

You’ve made your thoughts known to school administrators and at school board meetings. Don’t stop now. Be kind but firm, advocating verbally for America and for your family. It’s okay to follow science that confirms there are only two biological genders – because that is the truth. It’s okay to say that not every hurricane is due to my SUV. It’s good to tout the amazing and miraculous stories of our national history – and that it was not founded on the idea of slavery. (Take that, 1619 Project)

They’ve called many Conservatives unhinged conspiracy theorists – but this week, Vice President Harris, during our sacred remembrance of those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks of 2001, compared 9/11 (nearly 3000 dead) and Pearl Harbor (2,403 killed) to January 6th (1 protester killed).

Simply put, it’s time to call out the crazy.

We have tools you can use, lessons, and guidance for becoming vocal in your community and involved in various efforts. Your voice is needed more than ever.


Before the powers that be start pushing our families around again – if we learned anything from the disastrous 2020 Covid debacle, it should be that “We the People” must hold, protect, and decide our own future. We must stand for truth – family – and the freedoms due each American citizen.

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