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American Kids TARGETed: Moms Help Retailers Feel the Power of the Purse - Newsletter Blog Post - Moms for America

MFA Weekly Newsletter

American Kids TARGETed: Moms Help Retailers Feel the Power of the Purse - Newsletter Blog Post - Moms for America
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Jun 3, 2023

American Kids TARGETed: Moms Help Retailers Feel the Power of the Purse

You had me at “toddler pridewear.”

Seriously, did anyone even have to mention the word “boycott?” Target seems determined to rid itself of all the suburban moms who shop there.

Activist educators, drag queens, and LGBTQ enthusiasts loudly denied accusations of grooming kids. Now Target has confirmed that grooming is at this movement’s heart. Lately, it seems the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is…about six months.

Moms have had enough.

When they did away with gender-based changing rooms years ago, I decided my kids would no longer try on clothes at Target. We shopped there less, but I’m a mom who loved that big red bullseye. So, we pretty much let it slide.

But now, it’s time to call it a day, and it’s clear that Target’s just not that into me.

How to begin?

Dear Target – It’s time for me to see other stores. It’s not you; it’s me…   Scratch that- It’s definitely YOU!

Do they really think we can’t shop anywhere else?

Watch us.


It’s time to stand up to this relentless attack on the next generation. So, why pick on Target with all the many retailers who have pledged their allegiance to dangerous ideologies and destructive causes?

Easy, because Target has become increasingly aggressive and seems fixated on our kids. Because the damage done to young ones with early exposure to sexual and confused gender messages is significant.

In America – people have the right to live much as they please. They don’t have to adhere to Christian values or practices – and we can’t expect those who don’t know freedom in Christ to have any clue about why biblical standards would be healthy for them. However, when those we disagree with turn their sights on our rights, our families, and especially our children… that’s not about freedom. It’s predatory.

There have been claims in mainstream media that accusations of “targeting” kids are unfounded, but there are plenty of kids’ products in the mix. Here are a few of the items directly aimed at children – now available at your local Target and on their website:

  1. Pride Onesies. Yes, your baby needs to be exposed to this stuff before getting a first tooth.
  2. 1000+ Books If you go to the book section at Target.com and click on the LGBTQIA+ Books section (it’s somewhat hidden), you’ll find more than 1,900 offerings ranging from Bye Bye Binary and I’m Not a Girl for ages 4-8, to Beyond the Gender Binary, Dotson: My Journey Growing Up Transgender, with the tag line “They think you’re their daughter, but you KNOW you’re their son” and Boy Meets Boy. Those ones are for 9-12. There’s a wide range of steamy novels for the young adult crowd (your teens) along with A Quick & Easy Guide to Consent – but most outrageous are the titles for our littlest ones: The Pronoun Book (0-3) and picture books like The Hips on the Drag Queens Go Swish, Swish, Swish, and Twas the Night Before Pride.1
  3. Pride House and Cookie Pride Float Kits. Additionally, candy wraps to retheme your favorite candy to show your enthusiasm for Pride month – and water bottle wraps for pride rebranding of your Aquafina. “Cheers Queers” pint glasses, “Glad You Came Out” cards, and the “Queer All Year” calendar. We’ll take a hard pass on these.
  4. Tuckable Swimsuits. Women’s swimwear designed to “hide” male anatomy has been documented in viral videos. It’s also been reported that they offered these in kids’ sizes. Since most have been taken off the shelves and are no longer available online, we can’t say for sure. They also carry binding tops for young girls to hide their breasts to appear more masculine. No grooming here.
  5. Even your pets aren’t safe. Target carries a whole line of pride-themed dog and cat toys, and they even have a pride-themed collection of cat treats from the Temptations brand. Trust me – your cat’s too busy ignoring you to care about gender issues.

Mamas, this mega-retailer has rolled the dice, and they believe you’ll go along with this to get your Target fix.

Will you?

Don’t expect your kids to have the courage and stamina to stand up for what’s right if you can’t at least use your purchasing power to make a statement.


Target’s GLSEN Connection

Apparently, Target has been in bed, so to speak, with GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network) for more than a decade. Target has donated $2.1 million to the organization, which promotes school strategies for comprehensive support of LGBTQ ideology.

“The retailer has been donating to an activist group that’s trying to push gender ideology into classrooms,” reported Dagen McDowell on Fox News’ Outnumbered. “GLSEN advocates for teaching gender theory in all levels of public school curriculum. It also offers school districts guidance on hiding gender transitions from parents.”

Target officials have stated that they are proud of that association.2

Targeting Target Only?

Don’t allow the narrative that if you boycott one company, you’re a hypocrite if you don’t pull out of every other brand guilty of various offenses to American families. That line of thought plays out with the idea that if you boycott everyone who offends you, you’ll have nowhere to shop, no phone, no car, etc.

Don’t listen. It’s nothing more than an intimidation tactic.

You probably can’t boycott everyone, so focus on one or a few that are most important to you. If you were a Bud Light drinker – maybe you’ve moved on to another brand – and that corporation has felt that sting to the tune of billions of dollars.

You may have decided to turn in your LA Dodgers season tickets – because you don’t want your kids exposed to drag queens dressed as nuns mocking faith and our Savior. Perhaps you don’t appreciate actions taken by The North Face, Disney – or Starbucks. You won’t be able to boycott everyone you disagree with – I can’t either – but don’t let it stop you from making a statement with your buying power.

Target’s most significant customer segment is likely moms like us. Clearly, they are banking on us just backing down once again. It’s time that they learn what the American mom is all about. You wield the power of the purse and the conviction of your beliefs. Mamas, you stand between predatory products pushed by Target and your child.

Violence or Fake News?

Seeing their market value plummeting, Target leadership offered a limp concession to outraged parents by moving some displays farther back in the store. They claimed that they had received threats, making their employees feel unsafe. As of yet, we’ve heard no reports of arrests, which makes us wonder if they were overstating this to explain their ever-so-slight pullback. Far from a mea culpa to families – in the same breath, they promised their allegiance to stay true to their LGBTQ promotion.

With the “words are violence” concept so popular among those who can’t win an honest debate, we wonder if there were threats or if it was more like customer complaints? The constant unfounded accusations of conservative violence is getting tiresome. Perhaps we’ll just have to take their word for it.

It is worth noting that violence should never be enacted in a battle of ideas. We know that common sense and logic are on our side.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball, Mamas!

Things are flying at us fast and furious – the mainstream media is trying to stir the pot and remove this attention from Target.

This week dozens of left-leaning “news” outlets tried to provoke a boycott of Chick-Fil-A. Someone discovered that the conservative fast-food giant has a VP of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Although it’s not new – that position has been in the corporate office for several years, suddenly, it became news today. This is where you have to ask yourself, “why?”

In a litigious society, most large corporations employ someone to oversee lawful, non-discriminatory hiring practices and various issues. We don’t know the whole story, but it’s a far cry from targeting our kids.

It seems more like an insulting attempt to get moms to turn their attention elsewhere – like we’ll chase the next shiny object.

Not a chance.

Regardless of how you feel about the DEI exec being at Chick-Fil-A, have your kids been bombarded with pride paraphernalia while dining on the best nuggets in the world? That would be “no.”

Media moguls seem to think they can kill two hated birds with one stone (American families and “homophobic” Chick-Fil-A). They are reporting on a “boycott” gleefully, with a glint of hope in their eyes.

Nice try. We still see you over there, Target.

Pride vs. Power

Moms for America is calling for an all-out Blackout of Target starting the month of June thru forever! You can do it. They want to push their pride propaganda to our little ones – let’s remind them of the power of the purse.

They may have cornered the market on pride – but America’s moms still have the power.

#BoycottTarget. Are you in?

Please share this blog with a friend, and let’s do this together!

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