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As More Reject Medical Treatment for Trans Kids - Moms Stay Vigilant - Moms for America Newsletter Blog

MFA Weekly Newsletter

As More Reject Medical Treatment for Trans Kids - Moms Stay Vigilant - Moms for America Newsletter Blog
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Nov 26, 2023

As More Reject Medical Treatment for Trans Kids – Moms Stay Vigilant

Have your kids encountered it yet?

Culture’s constant barrage of gender ideology seeks out the young and vulnerable for its warped and dangerous worldview.

It lures students through grooming techniques, false promises, and colorful flags. But they won’t know at first that joining hands with transgender ideology puts them at grave risk of bodily harm. It can crash their future, well before they have the maturity to consider what they want five, ten, or twenty years down the road. “Professionals” push puberty blockers and pride parades, and it often doesn’t end well for those swept up. The American Medical Association and Planned Parenthood travel in lockstep, decrying any safeguards to keep minors from permanent harm. Meanwhile, the growing number of de-transitioners, the devastated victims of this movement, and the raised voices of outraged moms have begun to slowly garner attention to significant effect.

Early Winds of Change

Have you felt a subtle shift in the wind?

A few left-leaning voices who we’d expect would give unquestioning allegiance to the LGBTQ movement have surprised us with their nod to the truth about what’s happening.

Popular political satirist and host of an HBO talk show, left-leaning Bill Maher, has refused to hold his tongue when it comes to the dangers of the current transgender movement. In a recent Real Time With Bill Maher episode, he said, “It’s okay to ask questions about something that’s very new and involves children. The answer can’t always be that anyone from a marginalized community is always right – trump card, mic drop, end of discussion. Because we’re literally experimenting on children. Maybe that’s why Sweden and Finland have stopped giving puberty blockers to kids because we just don’t know much about the long-term effects, although common sense should tell you that when you reverse the course of raging hormones, there’s going to be problems. We do know it hinders the development of bone density, which is kind of important if you like having a skeleton.”1

Other celebrities have faced heated backlash when any statement or tweet falls outside the accepted dogma of the LGBTQ community. Musicians like Carlos Santana, Paul Stanley (KISS), and Alice Cooper have dared to speak up.2 Little by little, clear-thinking celebrities are beginning to admit that the whole idea of pushing kids into disfiguring and irreversible treatments is untenable. Sadly, some have backed down when social media has punched back in favor of the trans movement. But others, like Maher, have refused to be forced to submit.

In a time when stars and influencers have such sway with our kids – it’s promising to see some admit that this wholesale brainwashing of America’s youth isn’t the best. That’s echoed in a recent poll cited by the New York Sun, revealing that a whopping 70% of our fellow citizens object to the use of puberty blockers for transgender children in the tween years, with 58% against medical interventions for high schoolers.3  That’s clearly more than just Republicans.

Does common sense have a chance in America?


We certainly hope so.

Sure, the change in the breeze is slight and sometimes difficult to discern, but it’s a start.

Moms Won’t Swallow the Lies Anymore

It’s important to note that the danger is still very real – and likely active in your community. Thankfully, Moms are becoming savvier about the following lies pushed hard to those with gender-questioning kids:

  • “You can either help your child transition, or they will kill themselves.”
  • “These treatments will help your child ‘try on’ a different gender and are reversible.”
  • “If you love your child, you’ll use their new pronouns and support their gender choice.”

As the dust has cleared, we’ve seen that these three are purposefully misleading to pressure parents into decisions that defy logic, biology, and common sense.

We’re encouraged by the progress and the voices speaking up for children and their families. One such group was spotlighted in this week’s podcast. Josie & Dee (not their real names) with Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans (PITT) shared about their work to amplify the voices of parents who have lived this struggle with their kids.

Mamas, our influence has been felt; however, the trans agenda remains robust – supported by our government, public schools, and still a majority of entertainment media. So, we must stay vigilant. Here are a few reminders of ways to safeguard your kids.

  • Make Your Home a Fortress – and a Haven

We’ve stressed this so many times because it’s true. Your home can be a haven of safety for your child – and a fortress of protection.

There are some pretty simple ways to build the strength of your family’s citadel. One of the easiest: family dinners. It can be challenging to shift things to make that happen if schedules for you and your kids are crazy. However, studies have shown that simply sitting at the table together (as many evenings as possible) has a remarkable impact on grades, avoiding substance abuse, eating disorders, early sexual activity, and suicide with overall better psychological health. Who knew hot dogs and beans with a little conversation could do all that?

Don’t be misled into thinking that boundaries you may set, like no phones after 8 pm or at the dinner table, are simply a source of frustration for your kids. Those healthy guardrails provide a sense of safety that children often thrive in (even if there’s a bit of eye-rolling). They understand that in your family, relationships trump technology. They learn you want to be with them at the dinner table or on the couch without distracting pings, buzzes, and alerts. (Of course, you might consider shelving your phone, too, so you’re modeling a consistent message.)

Late-night talks with you, even if your child’s supposed to be in bed already, can uncover so much gold in learning about their feelings, struggles, and needs. Your close relationship and open, free conversation will help your child know they can discuss things with you. And, as mentioned in an earlier blog, make sure nothing – no age-appropriate topic – is off the table. They must know that anything they share is safe with you.

Have fun as a family, planning activities and outings to deepen bonds and solidify your relationships through creating family memories. Invite your child to help you work on the car or paint the rec room together. Family projects are the stuff of stories, laughter, mishaps, and accomplishment. Intentional connection can make your home a safe haven for your children.

  • Don’t Ignore Signs of Mental Distress – And Treat it Appropriately

One of the problems children face today is that as anxiety or depressed feelings surface, it is becoming common to “treat” those issues with gender-affirming “care.”

Don’t allow that to happen to your loved one. If you discover any of your children are struggling, seek appropriate care. To help your child identify the real issue, we recommend that you seek out a caring Christian counselor.

Children usually don’t overcome depression with puberty blockers. It takes appropriate mental health care from vetted, trustworthy sources. Your public school counselor or teacher won’t suffice. They might be helpful; however, you can’t know for sure what’s happening in school now.

You may find it helpful to discuss your concerns in a free consultation with a Focus on the Family counselor. They offer a one-time session by phone to help you decide what the best next step will be. You can check into that option by calling 1-800-A FAMILY.4 Since they are unrelated to Moms for America, this shouldn’t be taken as a blanket endorsement; it is simply a source that could offer guidance.

  • If a Gender Issue Hits Home – Be Intentional in Your Response

If your child reveals that they are considering gender exploration, take a beat. Catch your breath, and let them know that you’re glad they confided in you. Assure them of your love for them and that you want to discuss it further in a day or two. Keep your relationship intact by listening well and measuring your response so that you will still have a voice in your child’s life. That doesn’t mean affirming a dangerous path; just don’t close the door with an emotional explosion.

Then, before discussing it again, seek a Christian counselor to help you determine how best to approach the situation. Avoid “gender specialists” or others whose sole purpose is to help your child solidify their confusion. Be sure to download our free booklet: Gender Confusion: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Children.

Also, we know of several books that may also be useful to you:

Transformation: A Former Transgender Responds to LGBTQ by Linda Seiler

Talking Points: Transgender by Vaughan Roberts

Affirming God’s Image: Addressing the Transgender Question with Science and Scripture by J. Alan Branch

Transgender to Transformed: A Story of Transition That Will Truly Set You Free by Laura Perry

  • Don’t Give Up Hope – or Faith

It can be easy to lose heart in the middle of tough times with our kids. Mama, you have the strength to stand firm with your child through any difficulties. It may feel messy – and sometimes you may feel alone, but you aren’t. If you are a believer, you can seek strength from God, who cares about your child and promises you’ll never have to go it alone. If you don’t know the comfort and power of a relationship with the Lord, no worries, you can reach out to Him now.

Stay rooted in the Bible and pray all the time. Connect yourself to like-minded moms walking this sometimes-complicated moment with you. We can help with this. We have Groups here at Moms for America where you can find camaraderie and friendship with fellow moms who are determined, like you, to raise the next generation of American patriots. We can also help with resources like A Mom’s Guide to Parental Rights, podcasts, and articles to help you navigate the minefield of culture.

The glimmer of hope offered by the slight shift happening in culture is promising – though clearly, we are nowhere near out of the woods yet. Yet, you are taking the lead, no longer blindsided, or deceived by lies and those who feign care for your child. Moms like you remain vigilant and reflect strength and hope for this nation and the promise of revitalizing our culture.

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