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How to Stay Informed of What Your Child is Learning? - Newsletter Blog - Moms for America

MFA Weekly Newsletter

How to Stay Informed of What Your Child is Learning? - Newsletter Blog - Moms for America
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Oct 7, 2023

How to Stay Informed of What Your Child is Learning?

When it comes to your child – it’s not some teacher, principal or administrator that gets the final say. You are the first and most important teacher in your child’s life.

You taught them their first words, how to hold a spoon, how to tie their shoes, and nearly everything from the moment they entered your life.

Then, when they turn five, school starts, and they experience a string of educators through elementary and high school. Some are fantastic, others are so-so, and occasionally one is downright destructive.

So, who’s in charge once the bus pulls away or you drop them off at school?

Whether they are five, nine, 15, or 17, the answer is the same:


For years, we trusted the principal to take the lead in our children’s education. We believed they would hire good teachers and create a positive environment for learning – always prioritizing the best for our kids. In fact, under their leadership, America developed one of the best educational systems in the world. Things have changed, however, and in the last couple of years, parents’ eyes have been opened to a very different situation.

Don’t misunderstand – we are not calling out your school’s principal necessarily – but the educational infrastructure in America has developed dangerous cracks.

Shocking revelations and lost learning began during the pandemic. Then, as schools reopened, the offensive takeover of our educational system became visible to all. From CRT and drag queens to pornography and anti-American propaganda – the cat is out of the bag. After denials and backtracking by politicians and teachers’ unions, we now know what’s happening.

So, mamas, it’s time to take charge.

You are the gatekeeper in your child’s life. Though never given the impressive title or office – you are the principal – with governing authority over your child’s education.

Being a “principal” means more than being the head of a school. It carries with it responsibilities that are defined and vital. While you may not have control of your entire school – you are the powerbroker for your children.

So what does it mean to be the principal?

It’s essential to understand the job description so you’ll know how to become the “principal” to protect your child.

School Principals: Oversee Teachers and Their Work

Moms: Oversee Teachers and Their Work

 Though some educators may push back at the idea that you have the right to oversee teachers and their work, if we learned anything since 2020, the need is real. It doesn’t have to be a contentious situation, though.

Your oversight might involve volunteering periodically in your child’s classroom or lending support to the teacher. Getting to know the person spending seven hours a day with your kids can open doors for communication and help your teacher to feel supported. Remember, good teachers are out there, so don’t assume yours is not. As you become more knowledgeable about the classroom culture, you’ll be well-positioned to share your thoughts if you discover any concerns.

For some moms, juggling parenting with full-time jobs may keep them from spending much time on campus, and that’s fine. You can stay abreast of what’s happening when you take time to listen to your kids and connect about their day:

  • Afternoon Chats – Provide after-school downtime together with your child. Have a snack at the table, or even in the car if you have a drive home. During that “break” time, allow your child to tell you about their day without questioning them. Listen openly and keep it lighthearted. Enjoy the details, and don’t approach these chats with a goal in mind. Your peaceful engagement will naturally bring things to the surface if your child doesn’t feel that an investigation is afoot!
  • Bedtime Banter – If after school isn’t the best time for you to connect, try bedtime. Children are often ready to talk during those quiet moments alone with you, and don’t rush off; you’ll receive plenty of clues about their day.
  • Keep Cool – Whenever you rehash the day together, listen more than talk. It should be a calm interaction. Your child will likely appreciate that you’re interested. If you discover something that makes your temperature rise, take a moment, and don’t allow emotion to rule. Gently ask follow-up questions. Remember, if your child senses tension in you, he or she may be tempted to keep secrets to keep the peace – especially if there is concern that you’re going to explode all over the school. Calm heads must prevail to keep this communication fun and open.
  • Backpack & Online Review – Make sure to check out everything that comes home in the backpack and review online content your student uses for school. If your teacher has a website, take time to become aware of what’s shared there.
  • Go – Go to your child’s open house, parent-teacher conference, and volunteer opportunities so that you’ll get a better idea of what’s happening with the teacher or teachers who spend every day with your student.
  • Speak Up – If a teacher has slipped in gender ideology, CRT, or other dangerous content, plan to contact the teacher. When you do, be prepared with solid, well-thought-through reasoning. You can find a wealth of material and information on our site about CRT, gender concerns, and parental rights.


Pro-Tip: Be calm in your wording, whether spoken or written. If the teacher doesn’t respond or declines to remedy the situation, bring it to the school principal. Measured and organized thought will help make the case for you and your child.

School Principals: Balance the Needs of Students, Parents, the Community, and Government

Moms: Balance the Needs of Their Own Students, Exercising Constitutionally Protected Rights

 Your school’s principal must juggle many priorities for different parties.

Your focus is on one.

Insist that your school is holding up its end of the bargain for your child. As a taxpayer – you are not receiving a “free” education; you are paying for it. Your child is entitled to quality education.

Don’t be afraid to bring concerns to the principal. Often, the squeaky wheel does get the grease. He or she may have conflicting priorities, so your concerns will likely rise to the top if you speak up. Be knowledgeable about your Parental Rights. Our free downloadable guide will give you the goods.

School Principals: Manage all School Operations, Building Maintenance, and Food Services.

Moms: Manage all Home Operations, Schedules, Health, Faith, Relationships, and Food Services

 The local principal may have his hands full with making sure PA system works, the ducts are cleaned and the school bathrooms and teachers’ lounges are properly stocked. He has to manage academic standards, SAT testing, and parking lots. But his responsibility is limited.

He’s got nothing on you, mom. Your role spans from morning to night.

You are ultimately in charge of your children’s schedule and activities, and you make the call on which health decisions are right for your family. You mandate what sorts of sexual education are appropriate, and you are entitled to know what’s being taught in your school. If you haven’t heard our recent podcast with Erin Lee, be sure to listen. Her story of a school-sanctioned group that attempted to convince her daughter she was transgender is shocking. (Episode 2232, “Teacher Tries to Trans Young Girl”) Be aware of the trends happening around the nation.

Further, families maintain the right to practice their chosen faith and raise their children with that belief system intact – or at least not attacked by educational professionals. Our freedom of religion is central to all of our liberty. Your kids can pray at school, bring their Bible if they choose, and live out their faith daily.

Principals have general oversight of the school itself. Still, their power stops short of the ability to strip your family of Constitutional rights. As a mom, you must be prepared to speak up should things drift in an unseemly direction at school.

There are more items in the job description, but we hope you get the picture.

You are in charge.

You are the CEO of your minor child’s upbringing. Teachers’ unions have flexed their muscles to grab power. They’ve attempted to convince parents that they are secondary in rights and responsibility –  but moms have stood their ground.

You are the principal – empowered to love, teach, nurture – and protect your children. You attend school boards and vote your values. You’ve made significant inroads with your involvement and because of you, there is great hope for a bright future for the next generation of young Americans.

Our nation relies on your leadership, so keep going!