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7 Ways to Restore Patriotism - Moms for America

7 Ways to Restore Patriotism in America

Restoring American patriotism begins at home, and you lead the way! With your influence, your kids and grandkids will inherit a proud legacy where the red, white, and blue is celebrated by future generations, and God is honored.

MFA Newsletter - 5 Patriotic Sites to Visit this Summer

5 Patriotic Sites to Visit This Summer

In the spirit of raising patriots and reclaiming our culture, we highly recommend including a visit to at least one patriotic place of interest with your kiddos. It will make a BIG impact. And it’s fun, too! We’re sharing 5 patriotic sites to visit this summer, with some added travel tips.

The Story behind our National Anthem - Moms for America Newsletter

How a Fierce Battle Inspired a Lawyer to Write Our National Anthem

It’s time to teach our children why we sing and to remind America why we stand. A great way to build patriotism in your home is to share with your family about the amazing story behind “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Who wrote it, and why?

5 Miracles from God - Newsletter Article - Moms for America

5 Surprising Miracles from God that Helped Make America Great

Did you miss these accounts of American miracles in history class? It’s no surprise. As our education system works to cut God out, we’re sharing 5 surprising miracles from God that helped make America great.

How to Raise Good Kids in the Current Culture - Moms for America Newsletter

How to Raise Good Kids in the Current Culture

How can we as parents counter the far left liberalism attacks on our culture? How can we protect our children and raise them to be strong, patriotic, freedom-loving, liberty-defending young men and women who know their value?

How to Bring Patriotism to Your Kids' Morning Routine - Moms for America Weekly Newsletter

How to Bring Patriotism to Your Kids’ Morning Routine

As you know, patriotism is in serious decline in public schools. Beyond that, there’s a push for CRT, which is about as anti-American as it gets. The heart of your kiddos is in your hands now more than ever.

From the National Anthem to God’s Miracles and Patriotic Sites to visit, these patriotic blogs will help you Raise Good Kids in today’s culture. Be sure to checkout additional articles written to help you promote patriotism within your family.