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No Need for Parents to Be Powerless on Gender Issues

Mar 12, 2024

No Need for Parents to Be Powerless on Gender Issues - Moms for America Media & News

By Kimberly Fletcher

New survey data from Pew Research shows that parents are more concerned about schools teaching gender identity in the classroom than issues of race. Among teachers, students, parents and the general public, Americans say they do not think issues of gender identity should be part of the curriculum.

It may come as a surprise to some that gender is a more contentious issue than race, because the politicization of race led to Critical Race Theory in our federally-funded classrooms. This radical theory, which claims to address racism, actually encourages racism by dividing students by race and viewing all of history through the lens of oppressor and oppressed.

Critical Race Theory was a wake-up call for many parents during the COVID lockdowns of 2020 and the politically charged riots in the summer of 2020.

While students were attending classes remotely, many parents had their first look at what is being taught in our schools, and many were particularly concerned about the divisive messages about race. Parents realized their children were being taught to hate America, hate their neighbors, and hate themselves.

How is it that gender has become an even more concerning issue?

In the years since 2020, many parents are more engaged, and the gender identity issues have become almost impossible to ignore. Radical activists have advanced in media, academia, the mainstream medical establishment and – yes – even our classrooms. These activists are pushing the message that gender-confused children need to transition or they will die by suicide.

This is not true, and moms know it.Where can you find people who are buying it? In our public schools.

Only half of public K-12 teachers say students shouldn’t learn about gender identity, specifically whether a person’s gender can be different from biological sex. Additionally, a third of teachers think students should learn that someone can be a boy or girl even if that “identity” does not align with their biological sex.

When parents see how teachers present these lies to children, it is clear the goal is to sow the seeds of more confusion and undermine traditional family values. This is not about children’s health and well-being.

More disturbingly, a third of teachers say that parents should not be able to opt out of learning about gender identity in public school classrooms. There is a radical subset of teachers, whose salaries are paid with our tax dollars, who want to teach students dangerous and damaging messages about gender and their biology even if the parents rightly object.

This is why Moms for America has always held in our Declaration of Mothers that parents are the primary teachers and protectors of their children. In a free society, individual parents, not the government, decide what to teach their children.

Among the general public, the majority of survey participants agreed when it came to gender identity issues, with 54% of the American public saying that parents should be able to opt out of gender identity being taught in public schools. Even if parents are able to opt out of specific lessons, Critical Race Theory and gender identity issues are woven into unrelated subjects – even math – and parents are not able to opt out of anti-American, anti-family propaganda in the classroom.

Moms for America has been sounding the alarm on gender issues, and it is not surprising to see that more parents and the general public are recognizing the importance of protecting children from this dangerous political ideology.

And it’s not just parents! The recent Pew data shows that almost half of students say they would prefer not to learn about gender identity issues in school.

The most telling part of the data is when teachers’ political affiliations are correlated with their beliefs about gender identity and what should be taught in public schools.

Among Democratic and Democratic-leaning teachers, 53% say students should learn that a person’s gender can be different from their biological sex. Among Republican and Republican-leaning teachers only 5% say the same.

This is a clear indication that reducing political polarization in education should be a priority.

Now that more people are aware of the challenges facing our students and our public schools, what can parents do? We have seen time and again that grassroots efforts make a difference.

Parents should find like-minded parents, teachers, and concerned citizens. Volunteer at your local school. Get to know teachers in your child’s classroom. Show up to school board meetings, or, better yet, run for a position on the school board!

The recent survey data confirms that parents are more aware of the threat of gender identity. It’s time parents unite to protect our children and remove political polarization and radicalism from the classroom.

Kimberly Fletcher is the founder, president, and CEO of Moms For America, a national, non-profit 501c3 educational corporation rooted in the principles of liberty and virtue our nation was founded on, and focused on promoting these principles, values, and virtues in the home and family, particularly through the women and mothers of America. Read Kimberly Fletcher’s reports More Here.

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