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Fletcher: Left Wants to ‘Deconstruct’ Women – Moms Can Stop It

Dec 1, 2023

Kimberly Fletcher - Left Wants to 'Deconstruct' Women – Moms Can Stop It - Moms for America Media & News

By KImberly Fletcher

There has been a systematic attempt to deconstruct womanhood in recent decades.

Political radicals and media elites have worked together to try to erase women. But real women — many of them wives and mothers — are standing up and refusing to remain silent.

I encourage all mothers, especially mothers of girls, to take these threats seriously. There are practical ways to protect our daughters and defeat the lies.

How has the left tried to deconstruct womanhood?

First, by lying to women.

For the past two generations, the consistent message has been that marriage is bad for women, that having children is an unnecessary burden, and that romance is dead.

The media’s idea of a “happy” and successful woman is a career-focused woman who remains single and childless.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As women, we are designed for close emotional relationships and nurturing roles.

For most of us, we find our fulfillment in marriage and motherhood.

Studies support the idea that marriage and motherhood are good for women.

Yet, major companies like Disney who became famous with their princess fairytales have completely given up on romance.

They have turned the latest “Snow White” into an independent woman seeking leadership instead of romance.

If you notice, all these self-proclaimed “inclusive” storylines have failed to produce a commercial success.

Audiences still love classic Disney: the stories about a princess finding her prince, falling in love, and living happily ever after.

That is not a coincidence.

Instead of lying to our daughters about what will make them happy, we can give them classic stories that illustrate the truth about their hearts’ desires.

Lies are not the only threat to womanhood. With the sudden rise in transgender activism, we have seen overt attempts to effectively erase women.

Biological females are not even allowed to call themselves women anymore; they are “cisgender” women and girls.

How unbelievably offensive!

Women and girls are just that: women and girls, full stop.

And yet, in our media and even schools there is continued effort to normalize radical activist language and behavior. While blackface (wearing face paint to impersonate Blacks) has rightly been recognized as an offensive form of mockery, drag queens who mockingly caricature women’s dress and behavior are welcomed at schools and public libraries.

In athletic competition, we have seen trans activists ignore women as biological men obliterate women’s records and take spots from elite women and girls who have trained and competed for recognition in their field.

Moms for America has spearheaded efforts to protect our female athletes and ensure that girls have the opportunity to compete.

Regardless of political affiliation, this basic, commonsense proposal should be uncontroversial.

After years of brainwashing by the media and increasingly radical activism, even these basic facts are in dispute. And, unfortunately, our girls are the ones at risk.

Having a child is an experience that changes you.

As the leader of an organization of moms that is active in all 50 states, I talk with mothers daily and hear about the challenges they face.

Many women discover only after marriage and having a child how much they have been lied to about what will actually make them happy.

On the “Moms for America Podcast,”we interviewed one mom who went from being a committed radical feminist to a traditional wife and mother.

Personal experience can cut through political messaging, as well as media noise and lies.

How do we help the next generation of women avoid the mistakes so many women have made in recent years?

How do we encourage girls to ignore the lies, and how do we protect them from radical activists who seek to erase them?

It begins with our daughters. Moms for America has started a new initiative this year for our Future Moms for America. Girls coming of age today can see the lies in our culture and can see how our society has failed to support women and mothers.

For girls who want to grow up to raise the next generation of patriots, we offer practical support. We are bridging the generational divide through mentorship.

When girls have the opportunity to learn from women who have lived authentic womanhood, they have support to do the same.

Attempts to deconstruct and erase women have escalated in recent years.

That means it is time for moms to increase our efforts to restore sanity and support our daughters. Reality has not changed. Our girls still deserve to pursue their hearts’ desires without mockery or threats.

Raising up strong daughters will contribute to the next generation of strong mothers — the source of our nation’s strength.

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Kimberly Fletcher is the founder, president, and CEO of Moms For America, a national, non-profit 501c3 educational corporation rooted in the principles of liberty and virtue our nation was founded on, and focused on promoting these principles, values, and virtues in the home and family, particularly through the women and mothers of America.