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The Desconstruction of Womanhood - Part Two - Moms for America Newsletter Blog

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The Desconstruction of Womanhood - Part Two - Moms for America Newsletter Blog
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Oct 29, 2023

The Deconstruction of Womanhood, Part Two

3 Ways Gender Ideology is Boldly Anti-Woman

Gender ideology claims you are no longer a woman.

Sorry, but according to them, it’s true.

And many of us have stood idly by and allowed this outrageousness to occur. It started with preferred pronouns several years ago. They say if you don’t comply by referring to your pink-haired friend as “zee” and “zer, ” you are mean, a bigot, and a transphobe. While you’re at it, you also must agree, embrace, and acknowledge their new definition of you.

You are no longer a woman.

You are “cisgender.”

Cis – what?

Did anyone ever stop to consider how wholly insulting that is? It is every bit as offensive to us as their outrage when we refuse to weave outlandish fake pronouns into our conversation. They expect us to accept their decision that we are no longer women? If you don’t embrace this new tag as a cisgender person – you’re transphobic.

Actually, no.

We. Are. Women. Full stop.

Gender ideology harms pretty much everyone: male, female, children, and babies. However, it has a particular target on the backs of women. You’d think the loud and proud feminists of today would take this on as their new battle. Still, surprisingly, where many noted feminists are concerned… there’s nothing but crickets. With their silence, they approve of this cult of gender attack on women’s spaces, families, and the essence of womanhood. They are part of the radical deconstruction of womanhood. We will take a closer look at three ways gender ideology is boldly anti-woman.

1. Womanface: The New Blackface

Using blackface in entertainment and other spheres was an unholy part of our history that made fun of cultural stereotypes of African Americans. Though sometimes no ill intent was present, other instances revealed racism in unkind and vicious ways. In recent years, this became taboo and was banished from entertainment – and polite society.

So now, enter people like Dylan Mulvaney, arguably the drum major of today’s drag scene. In addition to single-handedly decimating Bud Light’s market share (frankly, they deserve it – know your customer, people!), the hallmark of his meteoric rise to fame was his shtick making fun of women.

“Dylan’s wearing womanface,” said former professional wrestler and Fox News personality Tyrus on Gutfeld!. “He’s parading around like the dumbest woman in the world… That’s women. Women are bubbly and dumb and cry and make faces. That’s blackface, but it’s womanface, and that used to not be okay… It’s less a joke and more of an attack on women.”1

Prancing around in “womanface,” Mulvaney routinely makes fun of what it means to be female. He portrays us as silly, flippant, ignorant, and uneducated. It’s downright insulting. Seriously, mamas, do you know any women who genuinely act this way (outside of maybe the Barbie Movie)?

He’s leading a parade of those who don womanface and claim that if we don’t embrace their “truth,” we are the bad guys here. Imagine if that logic was used to defend those lampooning people of color with blackface.

It wouldn’t fly. It doesn’t get off the ground with women, either.

2. Taking Down Women’s Sports

Title IX was a triumph in building access and money to fund women’s sports. After its implementation, women’s teams in all areas of athletics gained ground as never before, to the point now where the ranks of girls participating in sports have exploded from 16,000 in 1966 to 229,000 in 2022. It changed everything. Activists cheered, and families with young girls celebrated, marking a momentous stride in the women’s movement.

But along came gender ideologues who said, “Not so fast.”

We can no longer identify what a woman is. See the laughable response when Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked, “What is a woman?” and was dumbfounded. (my emphasis added)

Remember? Girls are “cisgender” now.

Men with male genitals, less body fat, larger skeletal structures, more red blood cell production (giving an aerobic advantage), and larger hearts and lungs have flooded women’s sports. You’ve heard the stories of their mediocrity in the men’s divisions as they become champions competing against women. Regarding lackluster performances when competing against men, we immediately think of Will “Lia” Thomas, who left his 462 ranking in men’s swimming, pretending to be female so he could finally win. He’s not alone, though – his notoriety opened doors and encouraged countless other men and boys to follow suit. High school girls who were former title holders are being defeated by boys who formerly didn’t come close to ranking when they competed against other males.

It’s wrong on every front. And where are the feminists and activists who championed Title IX and women’s rights? Out at Starbucks, getting a skinny pumpkin chai, maybe? Perhaps they are hanging out with the esteemed scientific community – also silent on these issues. Your guess is as good as ours.

In their absence, champion swimmer Riley Gaines has become a spokesperson for women. She recalls the unfairness she experienced, swimming against Thomas, being forced to share a locker room with him, and being harassed and attacked for complaining about it.

“It almost feels as if we’re in this George Orwell dystopian novel where we’re being asked to say that two plus two is five. It’s bigger than just fairness in women’s sports. What’s really scary about it is we’re denying objective truth when we deny what a woman is. It’s as if to deny that the sky is blue,” said Gaines.2  She shared more of her story when she joined us on a previous podcast.

There is some good news, however, as legislative work has begun to try to address this attack on women. The House passed the “Save Women’s Sports” bill this Spring with zero support from Democrats. Though it’s pretty much dead on arrival since the dem-domination in the Senate has stalled it completely – adding to that Biden’s promise to veto it, we commend those who are making that effort. Beyond that, localities and 21 states took up the issue, some successfully and others with challenges. Progress, though halting, has been made.

There’s simply no place for men in women’s sports. It’s nonsensical, anti-science, unfair, and another example of putting women in the crosshairs of gender enthusiasts.

3. Attacking Moms

There’s been a not-so-subtle attempt to remove you from your place as the primary influence in your children’s lives. Gender ideology is centerstage in this unapologetic attack on moms and their children.

It started with COVID-19. Not the disease but the season. We learned the craziness happening in classrooms when teachers were streamed into our homes via remote learning. Moms stood up and got involved. We ran for school boards and often won. We objected to CRT with its poorly reimagined American history lessons, porn-laced books in school libraries – and “Gender Unicorn” lessons to our littles. (Yes, it’s a thing.)

The pushback has been fierce, with even the FBI targeting involved moms as potential domestic terrorists.

Across the country, the heat has been rising for families as gender ideologues claim that parents who don’t offer enthusiastic support for transitioning their children are abusive. They tried intimidation by lying that if you don’t actively transition your daughter or son, they will commit suicide. This manipulative tactic hasn’t gone far enough, though. Increasingly, saying “no” to your child is becoming criminal in some states that have begun passing legislation to potentially strip parents of custody.

The proponents of these bills claim that the criticisms of these laws are misleading. However, the facts say otherwise. Just last month, California passed a law, AB 957, with an amendment requiring parents to affirm a child’s chosen gender identity to qualify as “fit” to parent. It also forces the court to consider the parent’s stance on these issues in custody cases.3

Simply put – California legislators believe the state is more fit to mother than you.

Oh really?

Meanwhile, Minnesota passed legislation to declare itself a “trans refuge” state, giving those who flee the restrictions of other less progressive cities the opportunity to have their gender dreams realized. And they think they’re being kind to hurting kids by tying them forever to their troubled confusion. Very sad.

Journalist and media personality Megyn Kelly shared her thoughts on the push to gender-soak American society. “They say that pronouns are a gateway drug. They open the door to these lies that lead to real harm to females. They are a clever rhetorical trick that forces you to cede the argument about women’s spaces before you’ve ever even spoken one word of substance.” 4

Well said.

We must approach this attempt to deconstruct womanhood with care and intentionality. We must protect our little ones on one hand while making every effort to treat others with compassion. Though this ideology sometimes seems to have the upper hand, we must remind ourselves that many in their ranks are hurting, confused, and alone.

It seems at times like a tall order, but Jesus showed us how to respond. “You have heard it that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” (Matthew 5:43-48)

How do we rise to that high call? Only with God empowering us, mamas. If anything, this season reveals our deep need for prayer and divine guidance. With vigilance, getting involved where you can, and the Lord’s help, American women can regain what’s been stolen and thrive again.

You’ve been called many, many things by gender ideology’s champions: religious nut, hate-filled, transphobic, homophobic, domestic terrorist, and too many other unflattering tags.

Don’t be intimidated by the racket. You hold the God-ordained role of a mother who loves, guides and fiercely protects her young from any and all attackers. Gender-pushers be warned.

We at Moms for America are here to celebrate who you are.

You are a woman. You are a mom. And you hold the future of this nation in your hands.

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