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Restoring Patriotism - For Kids

Cottage Meetings for Kids

Help them build a strong foundation!

Be sure to join us for our first program – the Cottage Meetings for Kids! This FREE 12-week series of FUNtastic Zoom lessons begins February 11 and continues thru May 6. This kid-friendly series includes fun and engaging activities, while teaching your children the principles of faith, family and freedom.

Through these fun lessons you can help your children learn the stories of America, instilling in them the principles of freedom and raising them to be the next generation of Patriots!

Cottage Meetings for Kids - Moms for America
Restoring Patriotism - For Kids - T-Shirts
Patriotic Stars


Patriotic Kid

Let your kids show off that they are a Patriotic Kid! Available in Girls and Boys sizes.

Restoring Patriotism - For Kids - I'm a Patriotic Kid Color Book & Crayons
Patriotic Stars


Patriotic Kid
Coloring Book
& Crayons

The kids can learn and have fun too with this coloring book.

Restoring Patriotism - For Kids - Patriot Packs
Patriotic Stars


Patriot Pack
for Kids

Get this complete Patriotic Set for your kids. Includes a t-shirt backpack,  coloring book, crayons, small American flag, and a pocket Constitution booklet!

With these fun products and our interactive guided lessons for kids …
you can be part of restoring patriotism in America
one home and one child at a time!