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Talking Trash: The ABCs of Leftist Lingo and Why it's Bad for Everybody - Moms for America Newsletter Blog Article

MFA Weekly Newsletter

Talking Trash: The ABCs of Leftist Lingo and Why it's Bad for Everybody - Moms for America Newsletter Blog Article
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Jan 14, 2024

Talking Trash: The ABCs of Leftist Lingo and Why it’s Bad for Everybody

Talking trash has become illegal.

Or at least it seems so when you hear unending emotional rants in the media about the latest “mean” thing President Trump said.

The problem with his detractors is that you’d be hard-pressed to find a group of more unkind, hateful, and downright mean individuals.

  • Jimmy Kimmel, a card-carrying leftist, suggested that hospitals shouldn’t treat patients who refused the experimental COVID-19 vaccine. Instead, when someone comes into the emergency room with a heart attack – only the vaxxed should receive life-saving treatment. Kimmel punctuated his thoughts with, “Rest in peace, wheezy.”
  • Hillary Clinton famously lumped conservatives into her “basket of deplorables.” Her pompous name-calling cost her plenty in the 2016 election. In a recent interview, Clinton doubled down, suggesting that patriotic conservatives needed “deprogramming.”
  • Vulgar partisan posts against President Trump flooded Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram when he tested positive for COVID in 2020. Major social media platforms moved to remove the many who expressed wishes that the President would die.
  • In his famous speech with the blood-red background and marines standing at the ready, President Biden gave his ranting old-school dictator-style speech attacking those who disagree with him, “MAGA Republicans have made their choice. They embrace anger. They thrive on chaos. They live not in the light of truth, but in the shadow of lies.” Yeah, right.

It’s pretty rich when politicians and media pundits call former President Trump mean-spirited and then talk out of the other side of their mouths, hurling every insult in the book not just at politicians – but at regular Americans like you and me.

Moms have been called domestic terrorists, homophobic, transphobic, white supremacists, book banners, and election-climate-and-science deniers. When we dare share a thought or opposing idea, we are charged as purveyors of misinformation and conspiracy theories, and according to the approved narratives, we are the greatest threat to democracy in America.

Our current culture is home to the most unabashed hate-filled name-callers, so excuse me if I didn’t fall apart over harsh tweets from President Trump back in the day as I filled my car with $1.82 gas.

The rhetoric is bad for everybody. Unkindness drives a wedge deeper between Americans. Name-calling is designed to end the conversation, not spark it. For example, if you asked a question about the 2020 election season, you were instantly tagged an “election denier” instead of engaging in the appropriate discussion – even disagreement and investigation, if merited.

Another typical instance was when anyone questioned the safety or efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine. You were shut down by the claim you were “anti-vax.” You are bad. That is all.

It’s worked like a charm in politics and the media, and that’s why we wanted to take a moment to share our list of the ABCs of leftist lingo. Though there are too many to list them all, here is a sampling of some co-opted words and ideas designed to move our nation in a new direction. It’s ridiculous and, at the same time – scary.

A – American – There’s an all-out push to move our citizenry from traditional, freedom-loving, patriotic American ideals to woke ideology. The unchecked invasion of foreigners at our border may be used to further dilute what it means to be an American, as some politicians push for citizen-like privileges, including voting rights.

B – Boy – Biological sex is now considered a trait that was “assigned” at birth rather than observed. It is unsettling for American children who are challenged to discover their own gender truth and anti-biblical, as “He created them male and female and blessed them.” (Genesis 5:2).

C – Cisgender – It’s supposed to mean that you identify as the gender you were assigned at birth. But it is a leftist demand for compliance. Biological women must identify as “cis.” As moms, we can safely give that one a hard pass.

D – Domestic Terrorist – Moms received that tag for speaking up at school board meetings or wearing a red baseball cap emblazoned with MAGA, and increasingly, the traditional-minded who lean into American freedom, faith, and rights guaranteed by our Constitution. They might want to revisit the definition of the word “terrorist.” Just a suggestion.

E – Election Denier – You may have questions after watching 2000 Mules or have wondered about the malfunctioning voting machines in majority Republican Maricopa County in Arizona during the 2022 gubernatorial contest. With more than four million citizens in that county alone and chaos on voting day, Kari Lake, who had been favored to win by double digits, lost by 17,000 votes. If you dare ask ANY questions … you, my friend, are an Election Denier. Incidentally, when Hillary Clinton spent four years claiming the Trump presidency was illegitimate, she was not criticized by mainstream media. Are you sensing a pattern?

F – Fascist – Famous fascists in history: Mussolini, Hitler, and you because of your faith, patriotism, and belief in individual freedom. The dirty little secret you won’t hear most places is that the father of fascism was a leftist philosopher named Giovanni Gentile. He doesn’t fit the current redefinition of fascism as right-wing, nationalist, and racist. Instead, Gentile’s pioneering philosophy was leftist, anti-individualist, and government-heavy.

G – Gender Affirming Care – With this one, let’s focus on the word “affirming.” It sounds so uplifting and positive. The truth is it encourages youngsters to hate and reject themselves enough to submit to drug or surgical mutilation. The problem is, in many cases, there is no going back. That’s why detransitioners caution kids and teens caught in this cultural whirlwind.

H – Homophobia – Though the word phobia means “fear of,” it’s been tied to several prefixes to properly point to your awfulness. Homophobia is anyone who dares to question any aspect of LGBTQ’s ideological stances. Your church, like many, may love those who are struggling with this – and many other difficulties, but unless you agree to ditch the Bible and affirm that lifestyle 100%, you are deemed a homophobe. It’s name-calling to end the discussion. As believers, we know that Jesus came to offer new life to all needing redemption, including you and me, and anyone who dares to embrace faith in Christ.

I – Inclusive – A misleading term that includes everyone except any who disagree with the woke protocol.

J – Justice – Today, justice is hard to pin down. Want to rob a Target? Well, it may be okay, depending on where you live. Some cities aren’t even taking time to prosecute such offenses, especially if the criminal is considered disadvantaged. Squishy justice is rampant in the US, bowing to equity, politics, and public opinion.

K – KKK – This fading racist organization was founded by the pro-slavery, anti-reconstruction Democrats after the Civil War and is the face of white supremacy. Today, a young generation is being lied to by those who dance around the actual and deep-seated racist history of the Democratic party, attempting to rewrite history to work Republicans into their lore. The GOP was formed in 1854 as an anti-slavery party. Truth.

L – Latinx – It’s meant to encompass gender fluidity, but this term is only embraced by roughly 4% of the Hispanic American community; however, it appears to be loved by white progressives.1

M – MAGA – It stands for Make America Great Again. Sounds like a good idea to me. However, to most Democratic politicians and in the media, it’s claimed to be a white supremacist, insurrectionist dog whistle.

N – Nationalist – The buzz is primarily around the idea of “Christian Nationalists.” It’s the most recent way to demonize those who love our country and the Lord. Using it as another attack tag, it’s been co-opted to imply racism, fascism, and any bad “ism” they can think of. It’s a play to publicly denigrate Christians and those who love America.

O – Oppressor – As part of the Critical Race Theory curriculum, children have been taught that they are naturally oppressors because of their ancestry. If you are white – you are an oppressor. Even if you’re eight years old. Any teacher imposing that on a child should be ashamed of themselves.

P – Privilege – According to equity ideals, the “privileged” should seek opportunities to diminish and apologize for it. The most common expression of this is white privilege. So, if you are Caucasian, you are guilty no matter what. You may have been born in poverty or still live in poverty. Nevertheless, according to woke sensibilities, you deserve blame along with your entire race.

Q – QAnon – Most of us don’t really have a clue about this, but as conservatives, we are seen as guilty of some mysterious cult-like belief in it. Uh, okay. From what I understand, it’s a group of conspiracy theories. Are they true, or are they not? Who knows. It does make for a good straw man to throw out whenever the left is upset about something a Republican says or does. Well played, Dems.

R- Racism – Before you brush by this one, thinking you know what it means – you may be mistaken. The new racism today is thriving and involves throwing away Martin Luther King Jr’s dream about a society where his children would be judged by their character and not the color of their skin. Woke ideology and CRT charge everyone to focus almost primarily on skin color. Resurrected racism.

S – Segregation – Most of us look back on the Democrat push for segregation in the early 1900s as a bad thing. However, it’s back in the form of separate housing, spaces, graduations for people of color, and even no-whites-allowed Christmas parties (we’re looking at you, Mayor Michelle Wu from Boston).

T – The Big Lie – This is a term designed to pressure conservatives to shut up already about the 2020 election irregularities.

U – United States of America –  We love our country, and increasingly, it is being redefined by leftists in academia who feed our children and college students a steady stream of propaganda demonizing our United States. Mamas, we must take a stand as proud Americans and ensure our kids understand our nation’s true history, character, and greatness.

V – Victim – The flip side of the oppressor/victim narrative from CRT’s poison. This time, they teach young Americans of color that they are victims and will always be viewed as “less than” by our nation. What egregious and abusive lies to tell our young.

W – Women’s Healthcare – It’s simply a way to put lipstick on a pig called abortion. It’s meant to make brutally killing a baby inside her mother’s womb sound like needed healthcare. The left would have you believe that women who need medical intervention in pregnancy won’t be able to get it because of the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Still, the truth is – every state, even those with the most life-affirming laws in place, allows treatment to save a mom’s life, no matter what.2 The spin you’ve heard recently is just that – spin – bent on promoting abortion, scaring women, and winning elections. 65 million deaths later, and it’s still not about healthcare.

X – Xenophobia – It’s another word for racism and a fun one for progressives to hurl at conservative friends. It makes you sound a little smarter and non-racist to accuse someone of xenophobia just because they think 2+ million crossing our southern border is excessive.

Y – Your Truth – It sounds noble, like a way to encourage a person to live out their personal “truth,” but at the end of the day, only truth is truth. Sorry folks, the truth isn’t fluid or subject to your opinion.

Z- Ze/hir, ze/zir – Our last letter pays tribute to the preferred pronoun epidemic. These particular ones are joined by dozens more. According to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, “Intentionally and repeatedly using the wrong name and pronouns to refer to a transgender employee could contribute to an unlawful hostile work environment.” It may even be considered illegal gender-based harassment. While you’re memorizing the chart, don’t forget xirs and xemself!

Some of these are laughable – but this attempt to rework our language is also alarming. By asserting thought and idea control, there is an attempt to shift our nation away from its founding values. Peter Kreeft, Professor of Philosophy at Boston College and The King’s College, said it best: “Control language and you control thought; control thought, and you control action; control action and you control the world.”

Podcast Note: Don’t miss this week’s discussion with Katy Faust, author, and mother of four, with her book “How to Raise Conservative Kids in a Woke City.” We can all use her tips and advice for inoculating our kids against the woke virus.

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