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The Cottage Meeting Series
12 Presentations

We’re so excited to introduce you to the Cottage Meeting Project. This is a 12 week series of Introductory Presentations about the cottage meetings. It is presented by Moms for America’s, Juleen Jackson, Senior Instructor & Advisor, Cottage Meetings. It is our sincere hope and desire that you will join us for all the Presentations. And together, as we enrich our own lives, we will build a brighter tomorrow as we strengthen our homes, enhance our communities and secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our prosperity, one home and one family at a time.

The spirit of America is alive! It thunders in homes all across this nation. There is hope for America. It is the hope that swells within our own hearts – it is our vision of the future. We are the hope of America. Liberty begins with us.

Anchored in Hope

This presentation will introduce you to Moms for America®, provide an overview of the MFA mission, and introduce you to the four fundamentals of liberty.

No Place Like Home

This presentation will introduce the significant role of the home and family in society, introduce the Pillars of Liberty, and established the principle that liberty begins at home.

Ladies First

This presentation will help women realize their powerful influence in their home and family, the community, and the nation; that if we are to heal our nation, we must begin by first educating ourselves.

Foundation of Faith

This presentation will illustrate how God and faith were instrumental in the founding of America; that Faith is the Pillar of Liberty which laid the foundation where liberty could grow and prosper.

Valor of Virtue

This presentation will introduce the second Pillar of Liberty – Virtue, illustrate how and why a virtuous citizenry is vital to sustaining liberty, and introduce the concept of “public virtue”.

Power of Patriotism

This presentation will introduce the Power of Patriotism as a matter of the heart, manifested through devotion to a cause higher than oneself – not for what the Patriot knows in his mind, but for what he understands in his heart. This leads to lasting dedication to living and promoting the principles of liberty.

America: Share the Story

This presentation will introduce the powerful influence of stories in promoting liberty and raising patriots. Stories are a powerful medium to teach the three pillars of liberty and is the most effective method for planting seeds in the heart.

Capture the Sunshine

This presentation will introduce the essential need of “Sunshine” in our lives, just as a plant needs sunshine to grow healthy and strong.  We will discuss why expressions of gratitude and recordings of inspirational thoughts are essential to capturing the sunshine in our lives.

A Time to Sow

This presentation will introduce the power of family dinner hour and quality family time to strengthen your family and promote a foundation of freedom in the home. The concept of self-government will also be introduced.

The Wheat and The Chaff

This presentation will introduce the Constitution of the United States as established by our Founding Fathers. It utilizes the analogy of separating the wheat from the chaff to distinguish between the original Constitution and the misinterpretations of today.

Law of The Harvest

This presentation will introduce the concept of family reliance and escape government dependency. You will discover how a free people can use the principles of economics to gain prosperity. The most effective department of health, education and welfare for the nation begins in the home.

Raising a New Generation of Patriots

This presentation will introduce activities and learning experiences that can be used to teach the next generation.  Whether your family participates in public school, private school or home school, this presentation will boost your confidence in educating the next generation about the principles of liberty.

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The Cottage Meeting Series
12 Presentations

I just participated in your virtual cottage meeting. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have found Moms For America. It is exactly what I needed. I know God led me to all of you.

~ Kelli, Michigan

So worried and frightened by the direction our country is going. I cannot wait until next week! This cottage session was just what l needed. I just ordered the book and will be there next week. God Bless You!

~ Lori, New York

My friend called this morning right before class and she was over the moon about what she is learning and wondering why this is not taught in our schools! Thank you for your knowledge and study! It is blessing our lives!

~ Janet, Utah

Hello from snowy cold Illinois! I just finished watching your last cottage meeting (I can’t make the live session.) I am enjoying learning so much. Thank you for all you do.

~ Andrea, Illinois

There are more of us that stand with you, I do believe we are the silent majority, but silent no more!

~ Brenda, North Carolina

Cottage Meeting Resources

Presentation #7 – America: Share the Story


Patriot’s Reading List & Resources

Compiled by Kimberly Fletcher

Are You Just Reading to Them?

by Rachel DeMille

Patriot's Reading List - Categorized by Age

Once Upon A Time

by Sara DeMille

Three Little Pigs



My America Story Book

Libraries of Hope

My World Story Book

Libraries of Hope

The 5000 Year Leap
The 5000 Year Leap
by Cleon Skousen,
Also available at the National
Center for Constitutional Studies
Promises of the Constitution
Promises of the

by Pamela Romney Openshaw
Raising a Generation of Patriots - Moms for America
The Story of the Pilgrims
by Katharine Ross
Promises of the Constitution
The Pilgrims First Thanksgiving
by Ann McGovern
Stories of American History - Cottage Meetings - Moms for America
Stories of American History
by Mara Pratt
Monumental Movie - Kirk Cameron
Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving
by Eric Metaxas
Agenda: Grinding America Down - Documentary
Three Young Pilgrims
by Cheryl Harness
Hearts Full of Thanks Giving by Bonnie Johnson Fite
Hearts Full of Thanks Giving
by Bonnie Johnson Fite
Promises of the Constitution
The Pilgrim Hypothesis
by Timothy Ballard
Monumental Movie - Kirk Cameron
Freedom Series
12 Volumes
Johnny Tremain - Cottage Meeting Resources
Johnny Tremain
by Esther Hoskins Forbes
Charlottes Web - Cottage Meeting Resources
Charlotte’s Web
By E. B. White
Miracle of America Coloring Book - Cottage Meeting Resources
The Miracle of America Coloring and Activity Book
by Brian P. Trotter
Hobomok & Thanksgiving - Cottage Meeting Resources
Hobomok and Thanksgiving
by Rebekka Parry
Monumental Movie - Kirk Cameron
The Read-Aloud Handbook
by Jim Trelease
Sarah Morton's Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Girl - Cottage Meeting Resources
Sarah Morton’s Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Girl
by Kate Waters
Tapenum's Day: A Wampanoag Indian Boy in Pilgrim Times - Cottage Meeting Resources
Tapenum’s Day: A Wampanoag Indian Boy in Pilgrim Times
by Kate Waters
The Miracle of America Birth of a Nation
The Miracle of America Birth of a Nation
by Brian P. Trotter and William S. Norton
The Boy Who Fell Off the Mayflower - Cottage Meeting Resources
The Boy Who Fell Off the Mayflower, or John Howland’s Good Fortune
by P. J. Lynch
Hands of Heaven - Inspirational Video
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
A Mother's Influence - Inspirational Video
Story Teller Collection

Marshall Cavendish

Cottage Meeting Resources #7 - Rapunzel Story Video
Rapunzel Story

Bedtime stories for kids in English

The Invisible Woman Video
The Ant and the Grasshopper


The Invisible Woman Video
Cottage Meeting Resource Guide
The Cottage Meetings
Resource Guide
Seminar 1 - Healing of America - Virtual Cottage Series - Moms For America
Healing of America Series
God’s Hand in the Building of America
Events and people who prepared the way.
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Check out our kid-friendly version of the Cottage Meeting series, it is presented through fun and engaging activities, while teaching your children the principles of faith, family and freedom. Your kids will love it!